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  1. All sorted and working fine, although not too many DAB stations up here in Inverness!!!
  2. Yes you can store DAB stations, Select DAB1 or 2 by using the left button then scrolling to DAB, search for the DAB Block/station that you want and then leave it playing. using the voice system the commands are the same as storing a non-DAb station "Radio", "Store name" To prove it worked, tune to a normal FM station and then voice control back to the DAB station. As far as pause is concerned - I can't find a way to do that either.
  3. Cheers dude - I'll have a play later.
  4. I can't find anything in the manual about DAB service on the radio (61 plate new-shape Focus Zetec). I have found and enabled the DAB service through the menu and I get the DAB Symbols and can receive DAB info on the stations. My question is about search and tuning: If I search when in DAB mode it skips through the FM frequencies as normal. Surely there must be a menu list of digital stations instead of tuning? Or is that not how this DAB works? Thanks for any advice - I'm a DAB newbie!!!
  5. Mine's OK as well. Only 500 miles but it has been up to 27 deg C and down to -3 up here in Inverness since we bought it. So aircon and heat used!
  6. Not done a Focus but numerous Rover, Vauxhalls and Peugeots. Usually the new driveshaft will come with both inner and outer CV joints plus any balance weights. Not sure of your exact set up. It's unusual for a driveshaft to need replacing unless it's bent or the splines are badly damaged; usually the CV joint goes, causing wobble. If the movement is the gearbox end of the shaft, where it actually goes into the box - not the CV joint itself, then the issue could be your Diff/Final drive. Assuming you have eliminated tyre/wheel damage and balance, other causes of wheel wobble can be: Brake discs warped Lower suspension arm balljoints worn Tie-rod balljoints worn Wheel bearing worn
  7. Hi guys and gals, I have a Halfords 3-bike carrier, the type that hooks on to the top lip of the tailgate and the bottom lip and then clamps down tight with 2 levers. I have all 4 lengths of fitting strap as it's been used with Fiestas, Calaviers, Rover 25s and Peugeot 206s. Has anyone tried this carrier on the new model Focus? If so, what settings worked the best and was there a problem with the top straps clearing the spoiler? Regards, Paul
  8. The 'click' was always when the aircon was on.
  9. Ha the same in a 2008 Fiesta - A single click every time the throttle was closed to a very light setting. I just put it down to a relay switching as you come off the gas.
  10. Cheers preee, I had thought about that. Will have to keep an eye out for wiring diagrams / pin connections and see if it will work.
  11. Cheers Lenny, The words are correct and the Voice system recognises them fine - just nothing happens. All other bits of the Voice system: Telephone and Audio etc, work just fine - so I think it may just be that the manual aircon doesn't integrate with the voice. Cheers paul
  12. Cheers dude, I'll go ask the dealer tomorrow and make myself look stupid!! All the functions are in the voice control - just nothing happens!
  13. Hi Guys & Gals, 1st 'stupid question' from a 1st time Ford owner! Couldn't find an answer to this one in the manual and wondered if anyone else had the knowledge. My new focus Zetec has standard aircon, not the dual zone climate control. The Voice control has 'climate' options available but they don't seem to have any effect when activated. Are they supposed to work on the standard set-up or are they functional with only the dual-zone climate control? Have to say, the car drives very well and I'm very impressed. Cheers! Paul