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  1. Cheers Mate,Yea I knew it was only the seals,and not the Injectors them selves,but Thanks for pointing it out,Best Wishes Mate
  2. Hi Dave,Many Thanks for replying to me,A Mate in the local ATS garage said he believed it was the Injectors,but it was such a sod of a job,you needed to know which had gone,There is no smoke,and no smell when the blower is switched off,but its a nuisance when you cannot have the Heater on,even stopping at a Junction,Once again Dave,Many Thanks Mate
  3. Whenever I have the Heater on,and the Car STATIONARY there is a smell of Fumes inside the Car,I have been told its the Injectors (the SEALS),and they are a sod to change,you need to wait till it sounds under the Bonnet as if the exhaust is blowing,OTHERWISE you wont know which Injector seals are gone,any Info PLEASE,and do you think that the fumes coming into the Car could be from the Injector seals,Many Thanks all,,Owlman
  4. hi lenny,I believe I have the Code,(3347)just cannot get it to lock in,Cheers
  5. hello,newbe here from Wales
  6. Hi there newby here from Wales