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  1. Echo the above RIP Jake
  2. When they say LED is usually just the brake lights which are with the rest normal bulbs from mondeo manual. The following are LED Brake/Rear High Mounted Brake Rear Indicators Side Indicators
  3. Exclusively no music in my car. Normally Talk Radio stations
  4. No option it just defaults to another road speed if it doesn't spot a speed sign I assume this comes from the mapping data Interesting Avi says the speed of the road is shown in the bottom left of the map Haven't noticed myself. Will check this out Either way Ian your setup not picking up the signs is weird. Dealership visit prehaps Is the car infotainment set up for the UK 120 to my mind is only a valid speed on the continent
  5. Yes tap the time to destination on the Nav screen and it'll change to distance remaining
  6. Same Sync 3 System in mine. There are no speed limits displayed within the Nav Map. All the speed limits are shown in the Traffic Sign display (within the speedo) From what you describe you have an issue with your setup. If mine doesn't detect another sign (within a mile or so) it defaults to the speed standard for the road type which can only come from the mapping data. Its not prefect on my travels its detected the odd 30 as 80. As for your 120mph i wonder if your Sync 3 system is in KPH and not MPH as 120KPH is about 60 in MPH Hope this helps
  7. Just recently Firefox has been complaining about username and password fields on this site not been secure. Anyone else
  8. Around 20 minutes after locking the car in my experience
  9. Another 640 Lumia user here. Used for the basics + email not interested in apps
  10. Hi. I fitted my dash cam (known as a B50 or the Wedge DashCam) to the bottom of the black sensor housing hence keeping it central to the windscreen. I found placing it to the left or right of this meant the sensor housing could be seen on the edge of the video. As for hardwiring other members could tell you mine just goes to the 12v in the centre console between the seats. You could take at look at this topic here Dashcam on a Focus Mk3.5
  11. My Thinking was like @1979Damian I switched mine off as it just smeared the screen (the inital wipes were enough) Your Ghia rain sensors probably detected rain straight away were as newer models only detect on driving away (my experience)
  12. You dont half time those shopping trips well
  13. Just one single thump??. If so its a trait of fords which is attributed to the ABS "self testing"
  14. You must have the key in order for the power start button (also called keyless start) to work and your car to start. Unless you mean you have a power start button (keyless start) but not keyless entry (where you pull the door handle to unlock the car) Ford do put ethier Keyless Start or Entry or Both dependant on trim level Check Ford ETIS (enter your VIN or Reg) and it'll tell you what your car has
  15. Had a Lab who wouldnt bark for/at anything Current West Highland Terrier barks at front door/doorbell, strange sounds and people. If she keeps yapping she gets told off Jealous. What situations would you actually tell the dogs to bark??.