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  1. Auto Mainbeam

    As in the adaptive LED headlights. If so when it sees oncoming there designed to shape the beam to stop dazzling those oncoming traffic. Probably small differences so you don't notice
  2. What fuel do you use ?

    Those premium fuels must have these cleaning properties over standard fuels otherwise they would be slapped by the ASA given they advertise the fact So MPG benefit may be negligible or argued. but they must do something. Honest John must drink the stuff he recommends it that much (Shell V Power)
  3. Parking Sensors - no visual display

    Have you tried asking around the SMax Owners club http://www.smaxownersclub.com/forum/forum.php. Many members there have older SMaxs so will be able to answer your query more accurately. Make sure you come back here though
  4. Parking Sensors - no visual display

    Have you front Sensors too??? AFIAK the visual part is only there when you have front & rear sensors See here One poster mentions an aftermarket stereo means he's lost some funtionality ion the Convers+ after install
  5. Pleased to Meet You

  6. This. you can test this leaving the boot ajar and it should do the same
  7. Sync 3

    Indeed happened 3 times over the year but a switch on and off solves it
  8. Emissions very high

    Out of interest what driving style keeps everything shipshape
  9. Things I Don't Like

    Image it then restore onto another drive??? Save you the 3 days
  10. ST2 manual steering lock

    haven't counted but it is definitely more than seconds as I hear it engage when getting stuff out the boot etc.
  11. ST2 manual steering lock

    If the ST2 is keyless start the steering lock should engage electronically ... Switch off and wait 5-10 minutes and you should hear a clunk. To release simply start the car and you'll hear it clunk to disengage No locking/unlocking car required in my car albeit different cars I would be sure the same behaviours happened
  12. Things I Don't Like

    Yup. Photoshop have decided no more free hosting No more freebies
  13. Things I Don't Like

    The heart attack Sync gives you when the radio is off yet it comes on blaring for the TA (traffic announcements) Dont do that dammit
  14. Voice control

    The Voice Control doesn't guide you all that well I'll take the risk and ask have you tried giving it the command. Ive looked at sync for car. If it doesn't recognise the command it should say so Copy from the Ford Manual example Steps User says System answer 1 "CLIMATE" "CLIMATE" 2 "TEMPERATURE"* "TEMPERATURE PLEASE" 3 "MINIMUM" "TEMPERATURE MINIMUM" "<a number between 15 and 29 °C with 0.5 increments>" or "<a number between 59 and 84 °F>" "TEMPERATURE <number>" "MAXIMUM" "TEMPERATURE MAXIMUM"
  15. Things I Do Like

    So much for the paper-less office huh