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  1. Whats up with it.....
  2. Can confirm it works well and very responsive Voice Control Excellent. Not clever enough to change radio stations for you though
  3. Lovely Car, Welcome
  4. Check this site out. (You may already be aware since your 0806 is featured) I have the AutoVox Wedge Cam (called the A11 on his site) Another name for it is the B50 something or other. @Stoney871 aka Clive has one too On TechMoan he has the G1W under Best Cheap Camera (from China)
  5. Divorce sucks its all one sided to the fairer sx
  6. " Police in the UK could start using the new Ford Mustang on the roads, with one example already wearing the familiar battenberg livery. It's for display purposes only, but the black model also seen in these pictures is actually being trialled by the police. "
  7. Sounds like a program running is preventing the laptop entering sleep. What are you doing on it before trying Sleep If its anything like my laptop with NVidia and Intel graphics. the NVidia graphics only come into play under gaming or more heavy intense graphical work. Have you tried starting the laptop up loading Windows as normal then putting it to sleep without doing anything else
  8. ST owners, Apologies for the short post. Are front sensors available as a factory fit or can they be added later. Can't find them on the for configurator. Seems a strange omission on a high end vehicle
  9. Anyone got one of these "wedge" dashcams from Auto-Vox. What are they like. Techmoan has a good review of it
  10. Ahh a tank... My K2 has a tube which sucks up the detergent. Havent used it (just the foamer) If it were me i'd use it neat and see how the washer mixes that with the water (with the vario lance on mix setting)
  11. with the foamer just fill it up and use it adjusting the foamer for the right mix. the detergent tank will foam too just set the vario lance to mix to use it
  12. Flipping heck... Ethier other people have worked it out or dont use that function.
  13. Dont like the remove of the "view first unread". Makes reading long posts like this to find where i last read tiresome
  14. Wheres that "view first unread" button on the top of a thread gone too??? Dislike having to manually scroll and try and remember where i left off