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  1. Ive been fortunate to own 3 cars now with built in Sat-Nav and beforehand TomTom etc etc Now this is my first Ford Sat Nav and while it gets you there on time and in one piece it doesn't half choose some wacky (to my mind) routes that previous sat navs would never dream of.. This isn't the first time its done this but this is the frst time i've sat down and worked it all out. Take the Example of a route i took tonight Image 1: Google Maps, Apple Maps choose this route. No doubt my other Satnavs would too Image 2: The Ford Sat Nav Route: Note the difference in route (i highlighted in green) This was a single track road. Why not stick to the main roads like Google and other Navs I've never had or owned/seen other sat Navs choose single track roads over the A roads unless absolutely necessary. Not the first time either Anyone else see there Ford Sat Nav take weird routes
  2. haven't counted but it is definitely more than seconds as I hear it engage when getting stuff out the boot etc.
  3. If the ST2 is keyless start the steering lock should engage electronically ... Switch off and wait 5-10 minutes and you should hear a clunk. To release simply start the car and you'll hear it clunk to disengage No locking/unlocking car required in my car albeit different cars I would be sure the same behaviours happened
  4. Yup. Photoshop have decided no more free hosting No more freebies
  5. The heart attack Sync gives you when the radio is off yet it comes on blaring for the TA (traffic announcements) Dont do that dammit
  6. The Voice Control doesn't guide you all that well I'll take the risk and ask have you tried giving it the command. Ive looked at sync for car. If it doesn't recognise the command it should say so Copy from the Ford Manual example Steps User says System answer 1 "CLIMATE" "CLIMATE" 2 "TEMPERATURE"* "TEMPERATURE PLEASE" 3 "MINIMUM" "TEMPERATURE MINIMUM" "<a number between 15 and 29 °C with 0.5 increments>" or "<a number between 59 and 84 °F>" "TEMPERATURE <number>" "MAXIMUM" "TEMPERATURE MAXIMUM"
  7. So much for the paper-less office huh
  8. Learn something new everyday. So What signs would you expect to see in the top circle?? Mine mostly stays blank. Prob because i haven't passed any road sign that uses it
  9. Your not alone on that one The Ford Sat Nav does take you on a bizarre route. Once i was up in Yorkshire (Pickering) and wanted to get to Whitby. Ford took us over the moors (lovely scenery btw) but not terribly appropriate for motor cars (No phone signal eeek). Navigation on phone/Google on our return took us via the A Roads B roads etc There has been other instances where it tried to take us down lanes etc and i've ignored it sticking to the A Roads. I am much more wary of this Sat Nav than other systems in cars & Portables However you do get to your destination and the issues above would not stop me from spec Sat Nav again
  10. Echo the above RIP Jake
  11. When they say LED is usually just the brake lights which are with the rest normal bulbs from mondeo manual. The following are LED Brake/Rear High Mounted Brake Rear Indicators Side Indicators
  12. Exclusively no music in my car. Normally Talk Radio stations
  13. No option it just defaults to another road speed if it doesn't spot a speed sign I assume this comes from the mapping data Interesting Avi says the speed of the road is shown in the bottom left of the map Haven't noticed myself. Will check this out Either way Ian your setup not picking up the signs is weird. Dealership visit prehaps Is the car infotainment set up for the UK 120 to my mind is only a valid speed on the continent
  14. Yes tap the time to destination on the Nav screen and it'll change to distance remaining