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  1. Fiver off TopGear Live Tickets

    Hey are you going to Top Gear Live too? I've got myself platinum tickets, once in a life-time thing as i've never been before so decided to go all out haha :D I just wondered if you've been before and give me a heads up on what its like. Thankyou.
  2. Cd Player Led Light?

    Just tried taking out the CD, Oh MY Days! Thankyou so much. :) The most obvious thing I needed to do aswel. But still hmm I would have thought they would have designed it to light up while the CD is in. Thankyou for sorting my problem, I can be such a ditz sometimes! Haha.
  3. Hello guys and gals, I hope I'm doing all this right, I've not posted anything on here before. Basically I have a 59 plate Fiesta Style and I wondered if the red LED light inside the CD player is supposed to briefly turn on when I've turned the key to start. I don't know if it's supposed to happen as this is the only time it turns on but goes off again after 2 seconds. Is anyone able to help me shed some light on this if it's norm, I just find it a bit pointless if it lights up for 2 secs and doesn't stay lit up like the rest of my funky interior. I can't find anything in my manual or through the car's display settings. :( I hope I'm not being too blonde? Thankyou if you can help, Kennedy x
  4. Hello Fellow Ford Lovers

    Haha thankyou. I will never had one of them again, !Removed! nightmare haha.
  5. Hello Fellow Ford Lovers

    Haha, it's nice not to have a KA I got lucky, I even went for a drink with my best friend to celebrate. Was a little sad to see the KA go as it was my first car and she had a Herbie personality. (Wouldn't start from my dad but only started for me.) :D Thats the last time I ever have a KA though. Rusty things. Grip the corners pretty well on high speed turns :D Delivery of the Fiesta was awesome, everytime I get in the car I get excited, my car sounds like a spaceship lol. Too true, the others have more gubbins to go wrong :P
  6. Hello Fellow Ford Lovers

    Like this? :D
  7. 5 weeks till Top Gear Live! Wahooo! :D

  8. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    How often to you currently have them at the moment? :)
  9. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    I wish I could come along but sadly the meet is quite far from me. I shall await the next one, I'm only a newbie but I would love you meet you all and your cars :D
  10. Zoom Zoom...

  11. Angle shot ...

    From the album Zoom Zoom...

    © This is my own car, do not steal this image

  12. Front...

    From the album Zoom Zoom...

    The day I picked him up :D

    © This is my own car, do not steal this image.

  13. Hello Fellow Ford Lovers

    Don't worry I will be sticking around :D Nice to meet you all, you all seems so friendly :D
  14. Hey thanks for the add. :)

  15. Help Me Please!

    I think they all sound good, but the first seems to stand out more. It's a nice clear noise for people to be able to hear the car coming.