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  1. just got my cruise control activated after over 6 months of trying with elm config. were it says pcm type I selected the 1.6 tdci option from the list, hadn't done this before and it gave me an error did it not and it read no problem. finally got it sorted after wasting 40 quid at a ford dealer for them to plug it in buying 2 elm readers both modded and working at 500,000 if any one would be looking to buy one send me a message.
  2. I am getting the same issues as carl0s. also getting this when trying to read on the pcm page 2. im using a wired elm connector I've got 2 and tried both and get the error message both. on the speed test they both show are able to connect at 500000. is any one able to shed any light on this. mine is a 1.6 tdci I read on other pages that this was not supported in previous version of elmconfig. thanks
  3. Guide To Replacing Reverse Light Switch

    It is located as the normal air filter is I just took the picture of it before I put the top of the air box back on
  4. I had some problems with the activating of my reverse lights and then my reverse parking sensors and camera. I did some fault finding and found out it was the switch so I bought a new one decided to write it up as I couldn’t find much helpful on the topic. I did this on an 09 plate 1.6 TDCI so might be different for outer types I used the following tools: 22mm double depth socket (and ratchet) 7mm socket + ratchet +extension 8mm rat ring (could use a small 8mm socket and ratchet) first I used the 7mm to remove the cover of the air box (4 bolts) then I removed the air filter and prepared to remove the air box I then removed where the air box is connected to the engine by removing what im guessing is the air flow meter 8mm 2 bolts now the elastic holding the air box down at the front needs to be removed now this is detached the box will just pull out from the 2 rubber mounts and from the pipe at the front, it takes some wiggling, now you can see the switch using a piece of wire you can confirm the switch is faulty and the rest of the circuit is ok. as you can see you need a double depth to fit over the plug part the 22mm socket just fits over the switch and I attached the ratchet and removed it, it becomes lose after just un nipping it I could put my hand to the left of the battery so I was able to see what I was doing when putting the new switch in now was just a case of testing and putting the air box back, whilst I had the air filter out I thought I might as well put a green cotton one on :) I hope this is helpful
  5. Guide To Installing A Reverse Parking Camera

    my reverse camera and sensor screen
  6. hello, i followed youre guide the other day and fitted one. well i say followed youre guide i tried to do it with out taking all the wipers off at first but i had to in the end because you just cant see. much more even pull dont feel a masive dead spot at the lower revs well worth the low price. good guide :)