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  1. how can i add sat nav to my focus as you stated it can be done i have one on a 66 plate titanium

    Many thanks

  2. Hello Ritchie, I've just bought a Focus Titanium and didn't twig it didn't have sat have and the wife isn't best pleased! I would be really grateful if you could tell me how I could get it put on to the sync 2 system, however I am really not very technical? Also would it invalid the remaining warranty if dealer finds out? Help!

    1. Richiemac


      Send you some info in a bit....driving at the moment.




    2. geordie76


      Many thanks Ritchie, please only reply when it's convenient for you mate

  3. Just buy the factory loom and pull it through (50 quid ish ).....did it a couple of years back on a 2008 focus. Check first if the BCM has the pin outs to support auto lights and wipers ......mine didn't i recall so i had to change it also. Made a back up of the original configuration with ELMconfig program, fitted loom, auto light switch and rain /light sensor , then wrote original config to new BCM and then modified it to include rain sensor and auto lights. Worked perfectly.
  4. You have Sync 2 with 8" touchscreen ?
  5. Nav can be added to Sync 2 with 8" screen. Done it. Several times :)
  6. Should be just fit the steering wheel and activate cc in BCM module.Can be done easily yourself by modified Elm interface...... ☺
  7. The audio outputs of your module are different to 7S7T 19G488 - AE......think that's your problem.
  8. If you have door control modules in the front will work. My S-max has manual rear windows......the front doors have modules in them, so the global feature works on them. Sure same would apply to Focus. Still have to do it the old way on the back windows :)
  9. Centra Config : Line 178 : select ' with shift indication ' : Write to BCM. Ignore that....just realised you're talking about something else
  10. Mine has the premium console like yours with the Z shaped handbrake. Simple job.
  11. Remove the cup holder , see picture below. Get a 13mm socket and undo the outer nut completely, then adjust the inner nut in, turn by turn, until you get it right. Replace outer lock nut. Job done. Mine brakes fully at 4-5 clicks. Don't over do it, or your rear brakes will rub a little and could cook everything. 5 minute job B)
  12. Took delivery of my new FF3 last week and did Cruise Control at the weekend. Already had BT ./ Sync . I now have CC and ASL :) ( many thanks to the guys on ) To activate both i used the UCDS software and adapter, literally a 2 minute job..... Anyway, here goes with pictures for my case..... Had this wheel......... Bought this wheel.... Needed to change airbag harness and right side button from this..... To this......... Fitted wheel and activated with UCDS..... Now i have ths CC buttons left stalk and phone / volume controls right. Left OK button is now track / media / radio / Cd control. Right OK button is now trip computer / settings control. Right side OK button Finis number 1687313 Airbag Wiring Loom Finis Number 1801776 With UCDS : Read As Built Configuration ( save it to file as back up !! ) Select ' cruise control ' ' ASL ' ' MFD remote control buttons on steering wheel ' Write to BCM and clear any DTC's. Enjoy :) Lots more info on here and all credit to them. Just thought i'd share my experience and perhaps start a discussion..........
  13. Mine is the same. It is not checked on reading PCM but has been working regardless for a year now..........
  14. Dont mind that . Try it on car and see can you get to module programming. Thats all you need. Your software is patched so info screen means nothing. Let me know.