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  1. Well I've done it, taken the plunge and bought a Fiesta 1.6 zetec S TDCi in frozen white. Have added orange gel 'Ford' badges front, back & steering wheel. Looks good. Thinking of a thinish orange stripe down the sides??? Cant decide Feels VERY different to my old 1ltr yaris which I traded in, but I'm getting there. :)
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    Evening all, just had to share that I am getting my Mk 7 fiesta 1.4 titanium in frozen white in a couple of weeks. Its been really hard to track one down but yesterday was my lucky day. Already ordered my orange richbrook tax disc holder, orange gaitor and orange/chrome 'ford' badge for the bonnet & boot. I am on the look out for an orange gear knob.......any ideas where I might get one? Soo excited. Seasider