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  1. Cool, thanks
  2. Think I need to replace my bonnet catch. How did you get on with that cheap bonnet catch from eBay? Was it an easy job to replace?
  3. Could be a cable has come lose. The USB port is connected by a cable to a Bluetooth module. All of this sits behind the glovebox. If you remove the glove box (4 screws at the front and a couple of bolts inside in the roof of the glovebox) you will be able to see the cable running from the USB port. The Bluetooth module is bolted to the dash but to see it it's easier to lie in the footwell and look back toward the back of the car. Or since you already have the USB, follow the cable :D Does handsfree calling work in your car? If it's not a lose cable, could be a duff Bluetooth module. Was your car factory fitted with Bluetooth or was it retro-fitted? I retrofitted USB to my car using the genuine Ford parts and the USB stick slots into the USB port quite snug, it certainly doesn't fell like it's going to fall out.
  4. Only thing I could find is that C codes are engineering codes not fault codes. An ODBII cable and a copy of FORScan will give you the proper fault codes. I did find this for your first code.
  5. I think you might struggle with this. Ford can't even tell me the silver colour used on the fog lights on my Mondeo.
  6. When I asked a tuning company about getting my EGR "deleted" while getting a remap, they said they only do that in conjunction with the DPF also being removed as doing the EGR alone could cause the DPF to fail. Not sure why that would happen but thought I should pass it along.
  7. I imagine you would also have to replace the aerial with a DAB enabled one.
  8. Try TyreLeader for prices, seem to be about the cheapest around at the minute.
  9. Just in case anyone see's a picture of a 19G488 and notices the USB port. This is a service connection only and doesn't work for music. As pointed out above, only the 19C112 models support USB.
  10. That could have been down to the speakers just as much as the head unit.
  11. Ok, parts you will need; the NX headunit. This should come with the climate module and the cage to allow you to fit.a GPS mouse antenna (something like this: I stuck mine to a metal part behind the dash when I had the stereo out. Even though it's under the dash, it still finds satellites ok.modified ELM cable (something like this one This should come with a copy of the software you need (or details on how to get them)a set of keys to remove the NX head unit ( You may also need a new fascia surround for the NX unit. It depends what you get with the unit you buy. I bought mine second hand from a forum so mine came with the fascia and cage. I would also recommend getting a dashboard removal kit which you can get for a few quid on eBay. Makes removing the dashboard pieces a breeze and less chance of damaging/scratching anything. Post back on here when you've got the gear and are going to fit it and I'll put something up for the configuration side.
  12. I'll see what I can do in the morning.