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  1. Problems With Bluetooth Audio

    Just updated. Worked a treat. Great find.
  2. Problems With Bluetooth Audio

    A bit sad, but very much looking forward to getting home from work tonight and trying this out. WHY didn't I bring a USB to work with me today.....
  3. Problems With Bluetooth Audio

    Great. Back to CD's it is then
  4. Problems With Bluetooth Audio

    I saw your another post of yours, and it mentioned you were getting the 4s? Do you get the Bluetooth issues when using the 4S, or was this when using the 4 with the iOS5 update?
  5. Problems With Bluetooth Audio

    Finally got time to go to my dealer this morning - was pretty much told, in a nice way, to !Removed! off. Their reaction was: 1) It was working fine before iOS 5, therefore the software in the car is fine, the software in the phone isn't (good point I suppose). 2) They could try to update, but it could make the problem worse, so they don't really want to risk it. 3) Wait until Apple realise that they have messed up and release an update to fix the issue. I'm not holding my breath. Sucks really.
  6. Problems With Bluetooth Audio

    They're doing mine "under warranty", which indicates they'd normally charge (though I suppose this could differ from dealer to dealer). If they do usually charge, then I see that as a rip-off.
  7. Problems With Bluetooth Audio

    I hate being predictable.... The car has just celebrated it's first birthday, so not exactly old. I've not tried using it for calls over the BT connection yet, so I don't know if that has the same effect. So are you now running the full version of iOS 5, not a Beta version? I'd have thought the length of time it's been used for would be irrelevent - mine started playing up literally half an hour after I'd finished installing iOS 5. 'Tis annoying.
  8. Problems With Bluetooth Audio

    Does this have to be done by the dealer, or can it be downloaded and updated via USB?