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  1. New Fiesta Titanium Esp

    Thanks Willy, your menu items look like mine so I will presume all is OK
  2. New Fiesta Titanium Dab

    I did a search for bbc radio dab and found it was on the 12b frequency and so I manually tuned to this and found a list of bbc stations. Then by going onto 12c (I think) I found some non bbc stations. So I've got it sorted now.
  3. New Fiesta Titanium Dab

    Hi, I have a new Fiesta Titanium with the Sony DAB Sat Nav. I am having trouble tuning in any DAB stations. I have tried in Hereford, Redditch, Coventry and Solihull but in all cases I just get 'No DAB Stations'. I tried the manual tuning and moved along the frequency but I just get a searching message but never any stations. Can anyone suggest anything?
  4. New Fiesta Titanium Esp

    Thanks. I will be happy enough if the menu item is not there as long as it is not there for everyone with a new Fiesta. But if I am the only one then it may imply that ESP is not there or is not working properly on my car.
  5. New Fiesta Titanium Esp

    Yes it is a brand new Fiesta delivered last Friday, new shape, new front grill etc. I've got Traction Control, Hill start Assist and the other menu items mentioned in the user manual but no ESP.
  6. New Fiesta Titanium Esp

    Hi I have checked and re-checked but the option is not there. I suppose I don't particularly want to turn it off but would like to see the option there as the manual says it should be. Make's me wonder if ESP is not working on my car!
  7. New Fiesta Titanium Esp

    I have a new Titanium and notice I do not see ESP in the menu system as per the manual. I presume Fiesta's have it as standard now? Do others have the menu item?
  8. Rear Fog Light

    I have just picked up my new Fiesta Titanium. When checking all the lights were working I noticed that the rear fog light on the passenger side doesn't work. Searching the net it appears at least with older Fiesta's this is correct, but just want confirmation that only the one light should be working.
  9. Hi, I have a couple of questions to help me decide what options to go for (I'm thinking of a Titanium) Has anyone got the rear view mirror camera and if so how do you get on with it. Does anyone have any pictures of the interior pack 1?