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  1. Egr Valve Blanking

    Many thanks for your advice. the hose is fine. had many discussions with friends with regards to whether the valve is euro 3 or 4. and after much mediation we've come to the agreement that its a euro 4 purely because its electronically controlled. someone mentioned using a blanking plate with a 10mm hole in it to reduce air flow but not so much to trigger the warning light on the dash. My only concern is that i'm going to be doing damage to the car, hence the research 1st.
  2. Egr Valve Blanking

    I've had some real problems with my 2.0 TDCI 06 Mk3 mondeo EGR valve (EURO 3). despite a good clean and manifold clean, i've still got loads of smoke (more than the standard diesel engine plume) when I put my foot down. Thinking about blanking it off. Has anyone had any experience with blanking plates? Does it have any effects on the engine? Will i need to remove it for my MOT? Any advice would be gratefully recieved.