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  1. Help Needed With 2002 Tdci

    Cheers chaps, I'll have a look when I get a chance. Even if I can't fix it I can turn up at the garage and tell them what's wrong.
  2. Help Needed With 2002 Tdci

    Hi guys, this is my first post and I need some help. I am a Brit working in Spain and I drive a LHD 2002 1.8TDCi of indeterminate mileage (long story). I have a problem with my aircon and the local garage has failed to rectify it. My aircon works fine in the early mornings or when it is cool, turning the car into a vertiable fridge. But when it is hot, or after the car has warmed up a bit it trips off. The lights stay on but the air briefly smells slightly musty and then only ambient (hot) air comes through, although the fans remain running. I have had it regassed and I guess that since it works well (when it works), gas is not a problem. Once it has tripped off, it will not reset until the next day (if the weather is cool enough). So what is the issue? How can I sort it. My guess is a sensor fault? I have been told that maybe a blocked pollen filter could be a part of the problem - I don't know for sure. (Where is the pollen filter and how do I change it?) Garages here are very unreliable and unhelpful and the car has been in 3 times with no fault found!!! Cheers in advance. WW