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  1. Dimming

    Thanks for that, was thinking along them lines. I will have a play. What Focus do you have?Like it?
  2. Dimming

    Seem to have tried everything all seams to work how ever you set it up. You can use the coming home function in two ways, you can set the amount of time that the lights stay on, or you can pull the lights stalk then the lights stay on that way.Setting the dimming function doesn't seam to have any effect.
  3. Keyless Entry Help ?

    I rub my finger along the black sensor on the door handle instead of pressing it seams to work better.
  4. Dimming

    One photo
  5. Dimming

    No got a different button for that.Will up load some photos.
  6. Dimming

    Hi, new to forum drive a 2011 focus titanium x on the lighting section in menu it has a section called Dimming which you can switch between auto or manual setting. Does any one know what this controls?have tried most thing. John