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    2001 mondeo 2.0 Diesel
  1. Diesel Missfire

    Hello Chaps I've got a problem with my 2001 Mondeo 2.0ltr Diesel - 155000 miles I get blueish white smoke when starting from cold and the engine runs a little lumpy' this clears up after a while and it runs fine until it gets hot, it then starts to misfire a bit and then gets worse until it stops and won't restart until it's cold. I have replaced the fuel filter - cleaned the EGR - replaced the temp sensor, with no effect Any ideas
  2. Introduction

    Hi Chaps I've just registered with this forum and would like to say hello. I have a 2001 Mondeo 2.0ltr Diesel Estate with 155,000 miles on it. See you in the forums Bob AKA Pistonbroke