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  1. petrol or diesel?
  2. warmed up in about 10mins, sat 1/2 way and never seen it move when using heater etc - don't have it now to check for sure though
  3. I'm getting really annoyed at my estimated fuel at the moment ... it's almost always telling me 0 miles after i've completed about 500 If I fill it up at 0 miles, I can only get about 43ltrs in it ... means there is still about 10ltrs in the tank!! - Still got about 100miles worth left in the tank!! I estimated one day that if I was brave enough to run the car till it ran out, I could get about 620miles out of it based on how many miles I had done and how much fuel I put in ... don't think i'll be trying it any time soon, but why tell me i'm empty at 500miles!!!!
  4. As mentioned. Make sure the air-con is off Given the weather, you will likely have the heater aimed at the window ... this automatically puts the air con on
  5. Given the dent, i'd probably say about £200-£300 at a small local bodyshop - They'd probably suggest repainting the rear quarter so the paintwork doesn't look like a patchwork quilt
  6. Error A895 could be "Trip Computer Mode Switch Circuit Failure" - See the linked page ... << click me >> The error also seems to show up a lot with error D900 accompanying it (D900 could be 'CAN Communication Bus Fault') - See links -- << click me >> --- << click me >> << Internal site link As is suggested on the last link, it may be worth resetting the codes and see if any return
  7. sure is ... << Click Here >>
  8. Hi Pete, If you struggle to get answers here, stick a post on the Transit forum ... the guys there seem to know their stuff http://fordtransit.org/forum/ Stephen
  9. Glad it's fixed ... what a set of symptoms!
  10. By resolving the issue with the 12v socket, any electrical circuit that may have stopped there could now be making it as far as something using more juice It's a long shot, but at least quick and easy to check
  11. Best bet would be a scrap yard. Guy round my way has rows of Ka's - Bit far to travel though
  12. as above, the bulb is a dual filament bulb. make sure someone hasn't changed it for a single filament bulb.
  13. check the fuse
  14. thanks tomo2001 i certainly haven't seen anything that looks better, so that may be the route to go having looked at he fitting instructions, i wasn't sure how good a fit the plastic clip was that mounts to the dash ... is it secure enough?
  15. I should add that, from the description of the fault, it sounds like the cable that connects to the stereo, rather than the stereo itself, so a new stereo may not help