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  1. Loud 'banging' Noises From S Max Speakers

    For future reference, in case anyone has the same problem, our local garage diagnosed a faulty backup battery. They replaced it and it appears to have cured the problem. We also had the wipers coming on and the alarm false tripping. They said that this backup battery is another known problem along with the alarm sensor. TT
  2. Dear All My wife's S Max has suffered from a strange problem recently. When left parked, with the doors closed and either locked or not, the speakers will suddenly start 'banging' (that's her description, I would say its more like the crackling noise speakers make when you touch the two wires together). This happens more on a hot day in summer, but we can hear them at night too. Usually the nse stops when you open the door - this makes me wonder if it's the radio because the radio wakes up ( the clock lights up) when the doors are opened. We also had the usual Alarm problem, I took the fuse out but never had it repaired - who ever responds to a car alarm nowadays anyway? It's a 2l diesel, no Sat Nav, three button Air Con. Anyone know a fix? Many thanks Trevor