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  1. Tyre ware

    Cheers for that, had it in for alignment check yesterday and they said the alignment was slightly out. He also said that i should only expect about 8-10 k out of them. That probably tallys well with the mileage I get. I love my car but the thought of putting tyres on it every 6 months gets my goat. Time for a change.
  2. Tyre ware

    I have an 06 registered ST TDCI Mondeo, I have had this car for about 18 months and in that time I have had to put three sets of (not cheap) tyres on it. I love the car but this tyre issue is doing my head in. I have had the tracking checked and adjusted but have just put the third set on with only 6 months use on the last lot. Anyone else had an issue like this ? I drive it fairly sensibly so it's not due to hard driving.