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  1. Please Read - Message To All Ford Owners

    Nice1 chloe im sure your dad will appreiate your efforts......
  2. Tow Bar

    Nice1 well done....
  3. FOC Age group Poll!

    61 but feeling 20 everybody on here are babys....
  4. Tow Bar

    nice1 Lez ur a gent...
  5. Tow Bar

    looks like we need a member with a Ford fitted one to reply...
  6. Tow Bar

    looks very similar to my Brink detachable you stick it in the slot and push it down to lock and then turn the knob to the right whilst depresing it and pull towbar back up to unlock...
  7. Only if it didnt use my TomTom software :-)
  8. Hello

    Hello glad to have you on the forum.....
  9. Hello

    Hello M8 welcome to forum....
  10. New Member

    Hi and welcome, I used to have a RS2000 in the seventies I loved it but was heavy on juice but it had been blueprinted to 400+ bhp....
  11. Hello

    Hello and welcome to the forum....