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  1. Nice one Sal, How did that compare to your current DAB setup. Did the Harness and the steering controls work without any mods. Thanks for the help Daz
  2. Looking for help on where to buy DAB radio for the Focus with a camera input. Thanks Daz.
  3. Looking for recommendations for a DAB radio which also has a monitor which will take a rear view camera. Would prefer Double Din, although a single will do that pops up a monitor. Thanks for the help daz
  4. Mine is in two pieces. Wonder if its broke. Daz
  5. Oil Change time coming up and I need to replace the copper washer on the sump plug. Anyone know the size of the washer or where I can buy them. As Ford want £8.00 for the bolt and washer. Thanks daz
  6. Is the Filter in the tank, if so how often should it be replaced. daz
  7. Clive, where can I get to use the info you posted above. daz
  8. FOCA, Could you recommend a good reader. Thanks daz
  9. Is it the 14mm Spark Plug Socket for the Focus 16 Tivct Spark plug. ? daz
  10. Gents, looking for a good quality 3/8 " drive socket. any suggestions please. thanks daz
  11. Mines on the drivers door as stoney says. daz
  12. I think the ford etis website will tell you what each service is daz..
  13. I use the Magnetec when its on offer buy a couple of 4 litres at a time from euro car parts, Its £20 a time. Good stuff change the oil every 6 months with filter. No problems at all. daz
  14. Thanks for the help will be looking at a 2.5, Buying from auction next week. Maybe afford a titanium this time. What usually happens the wife gets the newer car and I get her old one. Hope there is a 5 door and in panther black daz..
  15. Okay, where upgrading the 2006 Focus to a newer model. We are looking at a 2010 model or later, Is there a buying guide anywhere. Can the good people on here point me out what to look for. Bad or good points. Thanks Daz.