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  1. MK3 Fiesta Battery Issue

    Hello guys. I'm new to the forum, but I figure if anybody would know, you guys will. I bought a new car! Good times. The battery has gone. Bad times. It's an M-reg (96) Ford Fiesta. The battery terminals are *not* like this: But I can't remember what they're called to find a picture. Instead, the battery terminals have a whole in which you put a bolt through, slip the cables over and then bolt it on with a 10mm bolt. It has four cables. One giant red (positive) one. The other three I'm not so sure about. Stupidly, when I took the original battery out, I forgot which one goes on which. I *thought* just the red one on the positive and the other three on the negative. However, when I do it like that, I get nothing. No lights on the dashboard. No clock. Nothing what so ever. Turning the key does nada. So, short of ordering a Haynes manual and waiting for it to arrive, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this car so I can get the new battery in ASAP. I've checked the new battery at the shop which I bought it from and it is definitely working. But in my car... nothing. Any ideas please? Car is: Ford Fiesta 1.1 petrol with 5-doors on an M-reg plate. I think it is called a Mark '3.5'.