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  1. hell yeah I am - don't think I'll ever get a Ford again tbh - Hopefully I'll be driving this pug until I can afford an Audi - not sure I'll go with Kia just yet - think they need time to grow first - realise what they want to be rather than copying everyone else
  2. Sold my Focus! Decided to get a cheap run around - picked up a Pug 206 with 26k on the clock for £1200 - this way if anything breaks, I've got cash left over to fix it lol
  3. trust me lol trust me lol
  4. Sell your car mate, it's on its way out, I replaced DPF and turbo, with pick up pipes, oil feeder pipes, EGR - and the engine still cooked the lot - seems if it's gotten far enough to need them replacing it's shagged
  5. Get them to do a forced regeneration - if your turbo hasn't been performing well of late, especially if in regards to split pipes / bearings, your DPF won't have been regenerating, this can lead to the car needing a new engine as was my case - forced regen cost me £20 from a ford dealers, get it done son!
  6. It can't be that much difference surely? lol - I'd be going for the newest model - didn't know it did 88mpg though - mainly the warranty as I know i'll never have to worry about a car falling to bits again lol - for the price I'd ideally like to be paying £150 a month - which I know I'll get with the rio with a £2500 deposit
  7. I know, pretty odd right? I checked out a kio rio yesterday as it's more in my price range than the cee'd - it's a smart looking car, going to go for a test drive next weekend - I liked it apart from the fact I hit my head on the way in lol - also been looking at vw polos as they are doing a years free insurance with them which is cool - so hopefully I can shift this heap and get on to something that will be kinder to me aha
  8. Ok quick update - had a good look over the car on Sat, turned the engine on while looking at the engine - the crippling squeaks and rattles weren't coming from the turbo - and because it was cold I could see some heat coming from the back of the engine - turns out the chemical cleaning kit had made it's way up into the egr and loosened it - the rattling was the egr flapping about - so all I had to do was nip it up a bit and all was good to go - the turbo is still whistling slightly but I should be able to sell it fairly easily now - finally a bit of luck!
  9. like a main dealer, or a small biz on the side of the road?
  10. Don't think it's worth the money or the hassle any more, I'm trying to get a new turbo under the warranty supplied when I bought it but doubt they'll cover it - figure it's worth a go though I know right lol stupid considering I invested a couple of grand so I wouldn't buy a crock - now Im about £4k down with a car I probably won't be able to sell - the stress is enormous I'm fully comp as well but I don't think it's worth raising my premium just so I can sell a car really Ugh ...what to do?! wish I could scrap it for a couple of grand - I might try and use it as a deposit on a new car - this is the last thing I need right now really - especially when I'm trying to save for a mortgage!
  11. Yeah quick update - put in the silicon based lubricant and it's squealing like a piggie - sounds like its about to explode - so it looks like I'm going to have to put the old turbo back on <_< to be honest I think the engine is just nackered - before I was putting the lube in I was looking at the exhaust end of the turbo, and it was caked in carbon again - after like a 10 minute test drive I doubt I'll ever be rid of this heap at the rate it's deteriorating
  12. sweet, nice one mate
  13. lol - yeah I got some high performance silicon based lube from halfords, used for high performance machinery operating up to 245 C and high speeds - I couldn't be bothered to take off the DPF again over the weekend, that clip is a pain in the wotsits, but will have to do it on some evening this week after work, especially before it starts snowing, as the thought of doing it is getting more and more depressing by the minute in this weather Yeah, I've been looking at that kia, trying to find it for a reasonable price on finance though - I know Seat are doing the Ibiza's for around £200 a month atm but with a 10,000 mile mileage limit, it isn't viable for me - I was thinking of getting the same car as I know the engine inside out now, I'd know what to watch for lol - still a bit of a risk though, and I'm not sure I'll ever truly trust ford again - keep your eyes out for any good deals bro lol I'll let you know if the lube helps hide the screach/scrape/soul destroying sound
  14. Good point.. I'd recommend the kit to anyone trying to get a little more time out of their turbo though - or anyone getting fed up of sounding like a fire engine wherever they go - I'll see what lubes I can find online today and let you guys know if they work at all. I know right? really weird that it just died, thought I'd seized the engine, or hydro blocked it, or the started motor had packed in - a million things running through my head really - I'm just starting to consider what car to get next really - I've got around a £2.5k budget providing I can flog this for a good price - any recommendations?? I definitely don't want anything with a DPF though lol
  15. lol, well I had a bit of trouble last night - tried turning the engine over and all I got was a *clunk* and the front lights flashing on and off - a massive uh oh moment..... Disconnected the battery incase the immobiliser had been luck - checked the fuel filter, and topped it up again - no luck - voltage on the battery was down to about 12.2, so tried a jump start....*clunk* again no luck - disconnected the dpf and air filter from the turbo incase there was built up pressure from the liquid.....*clunk* put it back together, thinking I'd proper messed up the engine, or that the starter motor had gone.... Though I'd give it a bump start in case there was just something stuck, pushing it down the road for ten minutes or so....same *clunk* and flash - nightmare! Pushed it back onto the drive thinking I'd have the scrap the bugger - just by chance I gave it one more turn just to check, and LIFE! lol Took it for a drive and it's not amazing, the turbo has stopped whistling, which is nice, but when you hit around 40mph there is the distinct sound of the blades scratching against something - what I'm thinking is there is still a little carbon left, and the cleaner has removed any lubrication there was around the blades - resulting in a fairly nasty scraping sound - I'm going to pop some WD40 in tonight after work just to help it rotate a bit smoother - do you think this would help? No idea why it would'nt start - I didn't turn the car over after putting the cleaner into the fuel filter and left it to sit overnight - but the cleaner wouldn't do anything unless there was heat in the engine - so I can't imagine this would cause any issues really Hopefully the WD40 will help with the scraping sound and I can flog it within a couple of weeks - what do you guys think?