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  1. i bought my 2009 Ford Titanium 1.4 Diesel roughly 5 months ago..and recently have heard the squeeling noises when turning the steering wheel left! My car has been into ford and they told me it was a 'loose door' which is a load of rubbish as the noise is still there!! Today my car was at an independant mechanic and he could not hear anything annoying when it only happens sometimes then when you go get it checked, nothing happens :/ .....has anyone found a solution to this???? My warrenty runs out in March and dont fancy gettin a hefty bill in april! haha Also a rumbling noise is starting to occur and i see many people have commented on this as well, the mechanic i spoke to today suggested it could be the 'dual mass fly wheel' ? this makes no sense to me at all but he said it is worth ford having a look as many new cars have this problem! Hope someone can help me with this squeeking noise as it is driving me up the wall! Cheers