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  1. Cortina P100 pick up

    Many apologies it turns out that this P100 is the Sierra bodied type.
  2. Cortina P100 pick up

    Due to a family bereavment, we have a Ford P100 that will need to be turned into viat £s to pay toward funeral costs. Its the Cortina bodied version At this moment, its currently MOT'd and on the road, I have not seen the vehicle yet so dont know what engine it has in it, or its overall condition, or even what colour it is. I am after a place - forum / owners club etc where I can gather interest in the vehicle, to see what its worth and if anyone is interested in buying it. So am only after being pointed in the right direction at the moment. Reply, or email me on nikeastwood161ATyahoo.co.uk changing the "AT" to "@" Thanks for looking. Nik