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  1. Sync 3 observations & issues

    I cannot answer, all mine are MP3's
  2. Sync 3 observations & issues

    Sync 3 is driving me nuts. My Sync 3 is version 2.0 but I understand version 2.2 is available in North America. My Sync 3 has real issues with USB Memory Sticks, sometimes they work, sometimes they do not. I have tried 16Gb & 32GB, USB 2 & USB 3 formatted Fat 32 & NTFS. No Issues with embedded Album Art, all showing OK. Used MP3Tag to amend the Artist Name / Album Artist Name issue. Everything else seems OK except once the drivers Heating controls changed the Passengers and visa versa, a Hard Reset solved that problem, I did see on "The Net" that others have had this issue.