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  1. Plus your still have to press the new ones into the drums
  2. There was a recall for the earlier ones but yours looks like a later clutch pedal with the longer shafts. The clips that were fitted are about 20p to buy and fit it yourself. Cable ties were the original fix Prior to recall
  3. If you have no crank and your sure the battery is good, I would remove the airfilter(if fitted in front of battery). There is a large multiplug under battery, check inside this for corrosion
  4. Check the plugs are in the bottom of the fuse box correctly and the clips are locked in
  5. Your find its the abs pump internal pressure sensor has failed. If you get the codes red your more than likely have c1288. Pumps are about £150 now
  6. Yep, warranty will cover this
  7. There is a software update to fix lots of issues available now. Doesn't fix the 'reading cd' error though which appears incorrectly when no cd is present
  8. If you give me the reg il get the finis number for you
  9. Needs to be programmed by ids by ford dealer. Second hand will work fine providing u get correct remote fob.
  10. Definately vss jus make sure you smother it in wd a week before you do it and also order a new pin.
  11. Why so reluctant to take to dealer if under warranty? the early 1.0 suffered with throttle bodys on 125ps.
  12. Have you got any problem with heating? If the heating is poor i would strongly consider looking at water pump. the easiest way to test a water pump is get someone to rev the engine, if the level goes down i would say the pump impellor is intact
  13. From my knowledge, modern vehicle fuse boxes double up as the body control module. These modules are highly sensitive and tempermental. I would suspect that the module is seeing the system is overloaded and consiquently shutting off the sytem. But thats solely on the y theory that we are taught at daventry. Hope this helps
  14. Ford have a problem with software on vehicles with coloured function display only on vehicles built from may 2014! Ford dealer do now have the 'fixed' software patch. I know the original post is older the the post on here about the new car will have the software available from your dealership. If you get nowhere with them let me kniw and il get the special service message number for you
  15. Stop start is terribly tempermental and has lots of parameters than need to be right to function correctly. Biggest stop start concern is the body control module sees a battery state if cgarge below 70% which will therefore dusable the stopstart as it thinks that the battery is not charged enough to start the car even though it starts fine! Ford dealer can reset this but will possibly charge you. A car on a 2012 will have warranty on it so just report it prior to the end date then you should be fine as it was reported before warranty expires within reason. ford petrol engines do not have service lights, the only real reason diesels have them is to prorect the dpf filters