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  1. What did you do?
  2. I seem to recall that there is a modified rubber seal for this
  3. Must be the Irish roads :-)
  4. Certainly check the pins these can corrode and cause the calliper to lock on, the pins can be bought cheaply and are allways worth doing when changing calipers
  5. No DPF on Mk3's but do have a cat AFAIRC, My my4 with over 175k on the clock and no DPF r DMF problems
  6. Yes that would do it, how it's gone well that up,for debate, garage?
  7. The Verona was from 93 I believe it gave you alloys and aircon over standard
  8. Had this on my mk3 and my current4 seems very common, calipers are prone to seizing especially the rear near side, luckily it's cheap if time consuming to fix, I strip and clean the calliper pins every few months this seems to work and prolong the disc and pads
  9. Was it a private sale or from a trader, if from a trader you will have a 3 month warranty.
  10. If you want to play music of your phone just use the aux in, it's situated in the glovebox, you will need a mini Jack to mini Jack lead, cheap and simple.
  11. AFAIK Oil leaks aren't a problem
  12. I suspect corrosion under the main fuse box in the engine bay I had something similair, my wipers wouldn't turn off
  13. Is your car a mk3? Check the cam shaft sensor, cheap and easy to replace. did you check for fault codes before turning the ignition off as some codes disappear when you turn off, cam shaft sensor I recall is one of those
  14. AFAIK there is no relay for the reversing lights, as the load is very low.
  15. no, just not advisable in warm weather, I don't leave them for more then 10 minutes and that's with windows open