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  1. boost

    Do you have a loss of power or just the boost noise?
  2. I've had 3 adults in the back with no problems, not sure about fitting in child seats though
  3. I don't no the fault code, but the normal suspect is a wheel sensor, if that's a generic scanner it may not be giving the correct code,
  4. I would say definitely disconnect the battery, when working anywhere near an air bag
  5. Glad you're sorted
  6. I would get a compression test done, if it's using a lot of oil, could be worn piston rings, hence no power under load and it will rev with no load, but could be a number of things do you have smoke when your driving
  7. I don't have a lot of experience with auto boxes but I bet an oil change will help, as to dropping a gear when you want to go faster this is called kick down, most boxes do this
  8. Thanks yes I've got them now, just wondered if it was something the garage had left off
  9. I've just sold my 57 plate car with 226k on the clock still on original clutch and fly wheel, so there is now hard and fast rules as to how long they last
  10. Forscan is your friend, free to download, you will need to buy an ELM327 connectors
  11. Well done glad you got it sorted
  12. getting the roof to look good is the hard part and the costly bit
  13. On a 2008 car I wouldn't bother spending out on the modification, just replace like for like, just my opinion
  14. Try walking away allways brings the price down, they can't afford to lose a sale. You have the fact that there are plenty of cars out there that meet your requirements they don't have the customers
  15. It's not due to only having one key that's for certain. They key may not be being sensed properly, do the doors unlock via the fob?