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  1. Sounds like incorrectly balanced wheels, or maybe you have lost a balance weight, as said above take it back to the tyre fitters.
  2. I did about 350 miles with the MAF disconnected and all was well, didn't notice much difference to be honest, fuel consumption may have been up but hard to tell due to road conditions.
  3. Sorry mate not got a clue, hopefully someone will
  4. Post codes just give the centre of that area, so not allways accurate .
  5. The eco has stop start and narrower tyres I think
  6. Your link takes you to the page where you put in your Reg number, I use the pagid ones never had a problem with the pads or the discs
  7. AFAIK if your car doesn't have dab the upgrading to dab with a Ford unit requires extra bits and is not a simple job.
  8. Most thing are an upgrade compared to sync2 😀
  9. At those miles stick with petrol, cheaper to buy and service so in the long run you won't see the saving that diesel mpg will give, also you may get DPF problems due to low use
  10. Yes the battery can cause strange electrical faults, changing mine also original, for a new one cured EGR faults and poor starting, as to DPF faults could be the sensor or the pipes that connect is to the sensor.
  11. That's a good price
  12. Also worth noting is the Dealer oil change service is nearly as cheap as doing it yourself, well it is a my Dealer, cheaper than my local Independants too
  13. The solution was?
  14. I run the same size 16's in winter and have no problems on my MK4 I run 235/45/17 in the summer, the main problem will be do the old wheels clear the brake Calipers, my winter wheels came of my old MK3 .Acoording to this there is a 4 mph undergrad at 70.
  15. Yes it's easy to change, 2 bolts sensor wire and operating cable to undo, not changed it yet, but working on the premise that the sensor is a simple open or shut switch I've shorted out the contacts in the plug, this has removed the Bonnet Open msg., I'll report back on the cheap catch when I get it.