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  1. That's a relief I bet!
  2. Is it still working? Why do you want to take it off? first I would try some penetrating fluid let it soak in and reapply a couple of times, if not it's a full replacement like in the link, you can get access to the aerial mounts via the sunglasses holder
  3. Just think yourself lucky you don't have a certain German car where just about everything is an extra.
  4. Parking sensors are an option on zetec, some dealers fitted them as standard
  5. My mk4 doesn't have it either and I've never run out of fluid
  6. The fuel cut off is only on petrol models, as you mention glow plugs I'm deducting that yours is a diesel
  7. They do illuminate when the screens are on, well at least on they mk4 and the fiesta, so no reason to think they won't on the mk5. first thing I do after starting is turn them off unless they are needed.
  8. It's the old not understand A/C problem you set a temperature and the A/C maintains it and to maintain your set temp it needs to cool the car at times, if the sun starts to heat up the car then it will cool it also your body temp will warm the car, I used to have this problem at work with the A/C there the audience complained of cool air blowing at them, you also have to remember that moving air appears cooler than it is.
  9. Should have said when fitted
  10. It not milliamperes it's several amps hence it's not working if the engine is not running and yes the extra load does affect the mpg but hard to notice as it cuts off after x minutes time I don't know as I cancel as soon as screen has cleared.
  11. Yes it's standard on all mondeo in fact all fords I believe
  12. Don't forget that the tank range depends on the avg mpg, so if it's just done a lot of small/town work then yes it will be low, watch that figure go up on a run
  13. I filled up in Norwich and distance to empty was 795 computer read out for the journey which was Norwich To Pitlochry via Peterborough was mpg 54.3 avg speed 55.4 mileage 498.8 still showing a third in tank and 225 miles till empty, 2.0 tdci 57 plate 179k on the clock the distance to empty is dependant on your avg mpgand mine prior to filling up.
  14. No just the remap, speak to Superchips they will give you all the info