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  1. I've got a 138or 140 as it's known, can't say it's a thunderbolt but it's not flat as Gaskell71 suggests, goes well if you boot it and economical too I get Avg 52 mpg avg speed 50 do mostly long runs
  2. Is it a cigarette lighter or just a 12v supply, why do you want to remove it?
  3. Your light will show as a DTC, you need to click on the DTC logo on the left,these can be cleared with the buttons at the bottom left.
  4. Sorry can't help, but what will help is you using the problem as a thread title instead of your name
  5. I believe 25 mpg is around the normal, expect high 30's to low 40's on longer runs, if it all works fantastic car for the money, what's the mileage?
  6. If you have done a lot of short journeys then the change oil warning comes on, on the odd occasion it's happened to me I've changed the oil
  7. Thanks for the update, glad all is well.
  8. Yea as I said just Two bolts, sensor wire and operating cable to disconnect, unbolt then you will see how to disconnect the other bits,. Cheap catch working ok so far.
  9. Sounds like incorrectly balanced wheels, or maybe you have lost a balance weight, as said above take it back to the tyre fitters.
  10. I did about 350 miles with the MAF disconnected and all was well, didn't notice much difference to be honest, fuel consumption may have been up but hard to tell due to road conditions.
  11. Sorry mate not got a clue, hopefully someone will
  12. Post codes just give the centre of that area, so not allways accurate .
  13. The eco has stop start and narrower tyres I think
  14. Your link takes you to the page where you put in your Reg number, I use the pagid ones never had a problem with the pads or the discs
  15. AFAIK if your car doesn't have dab the upgrading to dab with a Ford unit requires extra bits and is not a simple job.