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  1. Yes it's easy to change, 2 bolts sensor wire and operating cable to undo, not changed it yet, but working on the premise that the sensor is a simple open or shut switch I've shorted out the contacts in the plug, this has removed the Bonnet Open msg., I'll report back on the cheap catch when I get it.
  2. I'm getting a bonnet open msg , it's not so I suspect the bonnet catch sensor has failed, looked at the catch and it's pretty corroded, how easy is it to change and will this fit seems cheap
  3. Oh I'm picky
  4. Toms focus, I have to disagree with you, I've never had a car with wheel wobble and I've had a few my last 3 cars all have done over 175k and never had any wheel wobble my current Mondeo Mk4 has 165k on the clock whilst it doesn't drive like new it's not far off and that's why I haven't changed it, all still very taught on suspension and steering. Yes I have compared it to a new Mk5 and a preowned Mk4
  5. Now sorted 2 duff brand new MAF's later 3rd time lucky, moral of this story don't buy cheap MAF's, in all fairness Eurocarparts where very good about it and as they didn't have any more of the cheap ones in stock gave me a much better one for the original price, result, alls now well.
  6. 4 years there having a laugh, did the service manager originally work on the PG Tips advert, sorry didn't mean to insult monkeys😀
  7. Sorry not got a clue try someone like pertex of maybe DenonTweaks or some other motor sports supplier
  8. Just changed the MAF for a new one and rough running has come back, unplug and it runs fine, I'm suspect ne MAF may be duff, does anyone know the reading I should get of the various pins
  9. Car is a 2007 2ltr tdci estate 180k on the clock I have a rough running problem which I've traced to the MAF, if I disconnect it the car runs fine, if I carry on running with it disconnected will it do any damage? Bit short of cash till next week but need to travel, also the external temp sensor has gone according to it its -40c, secondhand one on the way so not a worry at least if that's disconnected the temp is 0c buggers up the air con though.
  10. Do you mean DPF or Fuel pump problems? Neither are that common a problem DPF is fine as long as you arnt doing lots of town work
  11. There's a few about in similar state, in fact trying to find a good one at resonable price is quite hard, how much do you think it's worth? Why not restore it yourself? Or is that cost to high?
  12. It could be worn drop links
  13. Sound like you may need to resync the keys to the car, procedure should be in your handbook, I can't help because I don't have that system.
  14. Just get it done now, cheaper in the long run and the parts price you've been quoted arnt to bad
  15. Just get it done now, cheaper in the long run and the parts price you've been quoted arnt to bad