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  1. Fine I go down to 16" for winter, looks fine compared to my winter wheels
  2. I just got some canbus free error ones work fine
  3. Sorry got to ask this, why bother with in car sat nav always at least a year behind the free ones on my phone, the only thing I can think of it saves a couple of wires.
  4. Lots of mondeo have this problem my last 2 are no exception, always have to put it into another gear before going into first
  5. As was suggested check the pollen filter, not changed on a minor service just on the major ones and that could be 2 years apart, I change mine at the end of Summer. Sorry no experience of those moisture pillows.
  6. Have you any damp patches in the car, that's all I can suggest, I had this problem on my mk3 and that was due to damp from the door bottoms. are your journeys just short ones i.e. Under 5-7 miles if so the car may never be drying out properly
  7. I just use the A/C on all the time
  8. I've had that problem with sync 2 cancel the phone on the sync and re enter it then all should be well
  9. On a more serious note, you may not be able to fit one in the spare wheel well, I've got a unused space saver after 178k punctures a much more rare these days, I wouldn't worry about it.
  10. Simple answer buy them
  11. Glad you got it sorted and cheaply too,
  12. On the new models it is a sealed unit previous models it's just a bulb swop
  13. All I can say is IMHO the current model is not a sharp handling wise as the mk4
  14. Yes you can fit 17's