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  1. Should have said when fitted
  2. It not milliamperes it's several amps hence it's not working if the engine is not running and yes the extra load does affect the mpg but hard to notice as it cuts off after x minutes time I don't know as I cancel as soon as screen has cleared.
  3. Yes it's standard on all mondeo in fact all fords I believe
  4. Don't forget that the tank range depends on the avg mpg, so if it's just done a lot of small/town work then yes it will be low, watch that figure go up on a run
  5. I filled up in Norwich and distance to empty was 795 computer read out for the journey which was Norwich To Pitlochry via Peterborough was mpg 54.3 avg speed 55.4 mileage 498.8 still showing a third in tank and 225 miles till empty, 2.0 tdci 57 plate 179k on the clock the distance to empty is dependant on your avg mpgand mine prior to filling up.
  6. No just the remap, speak to Superchips they will give you all the info
  7. Just go for a superchips bluefin upgrade, mine went from 140ish to 185 no problems and fuel consumption decreased
  8. Camshaft sensor is an easy change and cheap
  9. Where can you get a mk5 for 15k?
  10. The 16's give a very nice ride, if you've got sports suspension then the best of both worlds IMHO
  11. There is an oil thermostat too it could be that that stuck
  12. To be legal on a puplc road, you need MOT, VED and Insurance.
  13. I think the kill switches are only on the petrol not diesel cars
  14. As I said, common problem and as long as you can live with putting it in another gear first then no bother, my current car has been like this for the last 140k can't comment on the 40 k before that as I didn't own the car