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  1. Mondeo mk5 steering problem

    Take it back to Ford, it's not going to be a home fix
  2. 2008 Titanium X bulb type

    My Tit x has standard lights,
  3. 1.8 diesel wet belt conversion?

    Glad it was something simple, often is
  4. Camber & Tyre Rumble

    Tyre noise can be down to many things, tread design, road surface etc, the noise you hear may also be a worn wheel bearing, or worn subframe bushes, if the camber was out then you would have edge wear on your tyre.. Have you the same make tyres on both sides? camber angles should be -2’ 43” to -0’ 11 with a nominal setting of -1’ 27” maximum variation side to side 1’15”
  5. Mk3 Mondeo TDCi Wheel Torque?

    85-90 is normal
  6. 1.8 diesel wet belt conversion?

    Astronomical I would say
  7. 1.5T 160PS Auto MPG

    Honest John is normally fairly accurate
  8. Speedo Dropping Out When Warm

    Thanks glad you've got it sorted
  9. Anywhere cheaper than Mr Clutch

    Many Ford dealers do special rates for older cars worth checking
  10. No link but it's easy, all you have to do is remove the plastic panel that's on top of the radiator to get to it, it just unclips from where it's mounted unplug it and the plug in the new one clip back into place this is what you are looking for http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1S7F10K936AA-Ford-Mondeo-C-Max-Focus-Fiesta-Outside-temperature-Sensor-/332375901396?epid=1709777852&hash=item4d6325c4d4:g:AL0AAOSwYaxZjkYQ
  11. Easy to replace, the sensor is behind the front grill clipped on to it, on the lower right hand side, these do fail and that's why your air con is not working properly
  12. Smart meter

    Smart meters won't work at my house no mobile signal and as far as I'm concerned they are a total waste of time, as I know how much energy I'm using how the hell can they save me money, electrical items are only switched on when needed I.e not left on standby, the heating is only on very low as I can't afford it to be on high, lights are only used if needed, no I'm not scrouge, just on very low income
  13. No diesel going to engine

    Have you bled the fuel lines, could be an air lock,
  14. Flashing glow plug light AGAIN!!

    I would have a look at the cam sensor easy part to change and cheap
  15. 14 Plate Titanium X DAB Fault

    There is just click on the title in the quote