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  1. Well done glad you got it sorted
  2. getting the roof to look good is the hard part and the costly bit
  3. On a 2008 car I wouldn't bother spending out on the modification, just replace like for like, just my opinion
  4. Try walking away allways brings the price down, they can't afford to lose a sale. You have the fact that there are plenty of cars out there that meet your requirements they don't have the customers
  5. It's not due to only having one key that's for certain. They key may not be being sensed properly, do the doors unlock via the fob?
  6. I've just had the timing belts changed mk4 2ltr Tdci 09 plate, and the front undertray, the bit under the radiator doesn't look like right, I've just bought the car and don't remember it looking like this the tabs off the bumber arnt connected and are hanging down, so the question is, is this front undertray removed along with the main under tray to change the belts, I don't want to go into the dealer and say something's wrong if it could have been like it all along.
  7. I've just stopped cars both older ones a 2007 to a 2009 the 07 car had the sports suspension and the newer one had standard the difference is very obvious when driving much less roll on the sport suspension, I dont have any data on the ride heights but the 07 car sat lower when I had them side my side, not much but visually , probably about 8-10 mm
  8. It's not fixed, just slightly less intermittent, tomorrows job remove seat fit new buckle.
  9. Of course I've fixed it, got a replacement on order, the law of sod, lol
  10. Iantt, correct again. A blast out with compressed air and a squirt of WD40 has sorted it, but I've got one on order just on case it's not sorted, you can bet you bottom dollar that I've got a spare I won't need it
  11. So that's a placement then, or is there a fix?
  12. I've just acquired a 2009 2 litre tdci titianium estate and I have an intermittent seat belt warning , which is a bit annoying to say the least, where do I start to look drivers side I'm sure as havnt had a passenger in yet.
  13. Yes, it's normally the tensioner that goes if anything
  14. A hole defeats the object of the exercise if you are blanking it needs to be a full plate that's petrol or diesel
  15. A hole does nothing, it's snake oil. If you have EGR problems you are not using the car enough, maybe you should have gone petrol, the diesel's need to be used I don't mean thrashed but you do need to do the miles. IMHO