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  1. I think the kill switches are only on the petrol not diesel cars
  2. As I said, common problem and as long as you can live with putting it in another gear first then no bother, my current car has been like this for the last 140k can't comment on the 40 k before that as I didn't own the car
  3. I take it you have done the obvious and checked the actual oil level, with a cold engine and on level ground.
  4. Fine I go down to 16" for winter, looks fine compared to my winter wheels
  5. I just got some canbus free error ones work fine
  6. Sorry got to ask this, why bother with in car sat nav always at least a year behind the free ones on my phone, the only thing I can think of it saves a couple of wires.
  7. Great news
  8. Lots of mondeo have this problem my last 2 are no exception, always have to put it into another gear before going into first
  9. As was suggested check the pollen filter, not changed on a minor service just on the major ones and that could be 2 years apart, I change mine at the end of Summer. Sorry no experience of those moisture pillows.
  10. Have you any damp patches in the car, that's all I can suggest, I had this problem on my mk3 and that was due to damp from the door bottoms. are your journeys just short ones i.e. Under 5-7 miles if so the car may never be drying out properly
  11. I just use the A/C on all the time
  12. I've had that problem with sync 2 cancel the phone on the sync and re enter it then all should be well
  13. On a more serious note, you may not be able to fit one in the spare wheel well, I've got a unused space saver after 178k punctures a much more rare these days, I wouldn't worry about it.
  14. Simple answer buy them
  15. Glad you got it sorted and cheaply too,