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  1. Stereo Question

    Thanks for the fast reply. Well of to the dealer now to get a fascia panel ordered, as long as its not too expensive. Can't seem to find a scrappy with one near me.
  2. Stereo Question

    Hi, just bought myself a 2007 TDCI Titanium S-Max. Loving it so far just need to get a couple of things done. Firstly I'm interested in upgrading the lovely rectangular stereo unit to an aftermarket unit that has bluetooth, sat nav, etc, etc, but as mine is the rectangular shape I can only find dark grey units with green lights. Is it possible to change the facia panel to that of the facelift one that has the oval shaped stereo unit? As finding an aftermarket one in this shape is a lot easier and has a silver finish and red lights. If it is possible to swap over the facia panels, do I need to change the cradle behind this? Many thanks in advance