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  1. door warning light

    i would take the switches apart to see if any of the wires are corroded?
  2. Joke

    3 prostitutes of the same family,grand mother,mother and daughter, daughter charges 80 quid for a BJ. mother charges   40 quid grandmother is just glad of a warm drink.
  3. S-Max Review and opinions please

    hi,my smax was bought at 3 years old with 100k on the clock. its now got 119k in 4 years ive had it.mine is a non dpf version. you can check out future purchases on the etis site to see if it has a dpf,but i have a feeling all the newer 1s do?
  4. Left Indicator Staying Lit.

    also worth checking the fuse board in the engine bay. you also have a pm.
  5. What Are Warning Points?

    nah give him loads. dont ask dont get,he asked so give him some,lol.
  6. Standard Ford Sat Nav

    take a look here and choose yours ,lol. this is my 1,
  7. Standard Ford Sat Nav

    put up some pics,ive got the standard sony unit in mine.wanna swop :D ;)
  8. Ford Galaxy -Right Indicator Not Working

    there isnt a haynes manual for these cars yet. maybe in 10 years time,iirc thats how long it took them to do 1 for the mk2 galaxy.
  9. Failed Mot On Brake Imbalance

    cars fail,thats life. we always have our hearts in our mouths when they go in to be done. i have a moto,it will always fail.............and if it doesnt then !Removed! GREAT but mentally im prepared for the fail.pre armed is pre warned. as for council run centres,they are the best 1s to go to,they go over everything with a magnifying glass,great for the paper work bad news for your wallet lol.used to use my local bus station,but when they got privatized they stopped doing them,remember 1 guy spending a very long time over a car i had,then came in said it had passed but added an advisory as i kid you not,he found a slight crack inside the tread of 1 rear tyre,this tyre had about 6-7mm on it AND HE FOUND FAULT.LOL. hence finding just mots,they have started doing brakes and tyres etc,but a hell of a lot cheaper then the likes of kwik fit.
  10. Failed Mot On Brake Imbalance

    for future reference if youve got a 'just mot's near you give them a try,over the years ive used the 1 in bexhill and eastbourne cant recommend them enough.they also run a book on line for a lot cheaper then ringing them up or just turning up. as for your problem then as above,but i do wonder if they could be adjusted any more?
  11. Shaking Steering Wheel When Braking

    i 2nd warped disk/s,mine was doing this a few months ago,felt like the car was goner shake itself to bits.
  12. Question For The Builders Or Anyone In The Know

    im surprised there isnt any solid noggins in that floor anyway,to stop the joists from twisting. the joist look to me from the pics that there a little on the wide side? if it was mine i would put a few more joists in and maybe a few steel plates onto the joists aswell to stop deflection. ask here
  13. Question For The Builders Or Anyone In The Know

    when i done my deck i used spikes into the ground,when i decided to put a easy up pool on it which held at least 3k litres of the wet stuff it dropped 1 end,so i had to jack that end up and instal some extra supports. my joisting was 6x1 doubled up at 400 centres, im a chippy, the timber didnt give,twas the ground lol. it lasted for about 10 years putting the pool on it,sadly this year i had to rip the lot out as we needed the area for a car to be parked on it.
  14. Dream Car You Could Own

    well ive already had my school boy dream car, a lexus is200 navigator.lovely car on the whole,wouldve kept it if funds allowed me to of had it as a weekend sort of jobbie. but it gave me a back back,not from the car itself but getting down into it and back up,really tight getting a family of 5 in it unless your 5' nothing and i couldnt fit my golf clubs and electric trolley in it.and as i had been in mpv's for yonks found i really missed them,so binned it for the smax. as for my next car,leaning towards a vw toaureg. ultimate dream car,aston martin.
  15. Dream Car You Could Own

    wot do you drive, a mini metro. :o :P heard 1 of those comming down the seafront at eastbourne back in the day,i was fishing on the end of the pier. BY GOD IT WAS LOUD.and i bet a. the driver was in 1st(doing 30) and b. he/she was hot in the cabin.