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  1. society fooked.
  2. my boy has set his heart on a citizen red arrows watch for his 18,they do look nice but maybe for his 21st. ive got an old omega seamaster watch whitout a strap and in poor condition,took it to a jewelers i use and he tried to take the back off but almost broke his watch wrench,said it was a genuine watch and advised me to send it to omega themselves to investigate and maybe bring it back to life.i will do when i have some spare cash as i think it looks the biz.
  3. got a tag aswell,never buy 1 again unless its an automatic. 75 quid for a sodding replacement battery. got a pepsi seiko auto i bought at a boot fair wear that most of the time.
  4. guess whos got an hp lappy, guess who gets internal battery low.
  5. hi,you have a mk3 galaxy not a mk2. you can check using the on board diagnostics,iirc theres a how to on here. once you have the code either google it,or ask on here im sure someone will be able to shed some light on what the code could be,as to clearing it.if it is just a loose wire YOU might be able to clear it by dis connecting the battery? BUT before you do MAKE sure you have the radio code.
  6. i had a similar problem on my smax,turned out after i stripped everything and tested the lock switch,it was the wires in the right hand gator as you look at the hatch. they were frayed/snapped,like on previous galaxys its a deliberate design fault to make the end user fork out more of there hard earned to get it fixed. the wires have been strangled so with all the opening/closing the htch does eventually the wires cause problems,the same goes for the doors. not saying this is your problem but do take a CLOSE look within the hatch gators.
  7. lookie here and you might find something helpful?
  8. bejesus,you were certainly sorting that out wernt you lol.
  9. well youve already set your benchmark,so start looking around on deals.set yourself time limit,coz a better car always comes up after youve bought 1.
  10. door card off,gently remove plastic weather sheet if fitted? now this is where it can be a bit complicated,BE VERY CAREFUL how you check to see if the regulator is working because you could break the glass???if it gets is limited in there,your see what i mean when you do it.
  11. sounds like its come adrift from the clamps,so all your hearing is the regulator going up and down.
  12. make sure you get the same thickness wires,and splice them in,dont just try and rejoin them as there already stretched enough to break you need more length oooerrrr missus lol also make sure you solder the wires with heat shrink,do the job properly 1st time then you shouldnt have to do it ever again.
  13. i would take the switches apart to see if any of the wires are corroded?
  14. 3 prostitutes of the same family,grand mother,mother and daughter, daughter charges 80 quid for a BJ. mother charges 40 quid grandmother is just glad of a warm drink.
  15. hi,my smax was bought at 3 years old with 100k on the clock. its now got 119k in 4 years ive had it.mine is a non dpf version. you can check out future purchases on the etis site to see if it has a dpf,but i have a feeling all the newer 1s do?