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  1. I am Chris, and I'm a Ford owner :) I recently bought a 2002 Fiesta Freestyle and I'm loving it. I feels quite nippy for a 1.25 and the motorway is an easy task. I am looking forward to reading about everyone elses experiences, because as of now, I am well and truly impressed!
  2. Excuse my first post being a question, I do intend to introduce myself after this :) I am looking for rubber mats for me Fiesta, but it appears they were either never made or no-one has them for sale. I am also confused as I thought the MK5 Fiesta was from 1999 - 2002 and then from 2002 onwards, it was a MK6? There are rubber mats for a 'Fiesta, 2001 onwards' but they appear to be for the shape after the MK4/5. Will they fit the MK4/5? Sorry about all the questions, I just want to make sure I can't get rubber mats before I retire and buy carpet mats, Thanks, any advice would be appreciated, Chris