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  1. Do you know where i can buy these nozzles?
  2. Hi stoney, thanks for the reply. I have heard about the mister nozzles but havent a clue how to fit them.
  3. Just got my car back from Ford. They said the rattle was because a 1p piece had somehow fallen behind the door trim causing a rattle. On the drive back it seemed fine so hopefully that was the problem. They have said that i need replacement front wipers, anyone know any good ones? and the near side water jet needs cleaning and adjusting? is that something i can do myself? Thanks
  4. Hi Nath, Thanks for the link mate! if Ford try to charge me tomorrow i shall probably be trying to sort it myself. Ive only had the car since november and i am already having minor issues with it
  5. My car is booked in for tomorrow so i will let you lot know what they say. It may be a silly question but how do you remove the door panel? If ford try to charge me i will probably try to fix the rattle myself. Thanks in advance
  6. Im going to take it into ford next week and will let you guys know.
  7. hello, I have noticed the drivers side speak has started to make a rattling noise. There is nothing in the side pocket, any ideas how to fix this?
  8. Hi Guys, got a quick question about my Fiesta Metal. Recently i have been noticing that we a bit of force is put on the brakes, they make a high pitch squeak. I hear it alot on other cars but was wondering if this a problem? Or if it is going to lead to a problem? It is probably nothing but want to make sure. Thanks
  9. Hi Guys, I have noticed that some stations on my SOny DAB say 'Station Moved' Is this because of the switchover thats happening? How do i re-tune my DAB to get rid of the stations which say 'Station Moved' Sorry if this is a stupid question haha Thanks. Aaron
  10. yeah it is quite annoying. I can see it easily on mine nut thats because i know its there lol
  11. yeah i thought it would cost about that much. Would you recommend getting it refurbed?
  12. Apologies for the dirty wheel. It has been coloured in with a sharpie haha just to hide it a bit until i get something sorted. EDIT: How to attach pictures? I thought i did but it hasnt worked. Anyway its a few inches long but noticeable.
  13. Hi Guys, had a bit of an accident. Was out driving when really ill and tired and have scuffed my rear passenger side alloy :( absolutely gutted!! any advice? Anyone know of any touch up kits that will cover it or do you think i should take it for refurbishment? Ive only had my car since November and then this happens. Thanks in advance
  14. I went for exactly the same as you :)
  15. Hello Liam, ive got a metal and am extremely happy with it. The MPG is better than i thought it would be as well which is always a bonus.