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  1. Thanks I have sorted the a/c out now. I will see if I can get the noise check out.
  2. Thanks for replying mintalkin Not sure what you mean by automatic switch. Unfortunately as yet I do not have a user manual and know little about all the controls. The AC is on when I start the car and then I push the button with the light on it to turn it off. Do I have to do this every time I use the car? The noise is is a low rumbling one that seems to be more noticeable when at slow speeds 0-40 mph. It sounds as though it is originating from the back. Also more noticeable when turning. Cheers
  3. Hiya guys :D Just bought a 55 c-max and I am new to this forum. I have been driving it today and notice a few things and wonder if you can give some advice. firstly the air-conditioning is on automatically when I start the car - is this right secondly it has a low grumbling noise particularly noticeable at slow speeds round town. Has anyone any ideas what this could be is it a normal c-max noise. Cheers Miranda