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  1. It's Here ! ! !

    Cars looking lovely john. How long did you have to wait ? Ii keep thinking should I of ordered mine in the spirit blue but having waited 3 weeks now I keep having doubts on we'll another 4 weeks then I'll have my white one.
  2. Get My First Ford Tomorrow

    Congratulations, I get mine in about a month. Love to hear another opinion on it when you get it.
  3. Fiesta Reversing Camera And Screen

    Hi guys I've got the factory fitted one in my car at the moment. It is a much uglier camera next to the boot handle and it is displayed in the rear view mirror. But I've just ordered the fiesta st and I'm contemplating doing this.. Looks great
  4. Time To Part Ex My Fiesta

    One of the other salesman had one and he took me out in it just for a demo but I wasn't aloud to drive it and he was very cautious on the throttle but it still persuaded me further. Haven't been given an exact delivery date but it's expected at the compound around about the 12th
  5. Time To Part Ex My Fiesta

    I got to admit I had no doubt in my mind when I placed the order but that was 3 weeks ago. And the wait is making me think all these thoughts haha. If only it wasn't such a long wait. Yeah I did see he review :) I don't think a Honda jazz would do it for me haha
  6. Time To Part Ex My Fiesta

    Hi guys, I've had my fiesta Centura now for nearly 3 years and was thinking of selling it. With that some lovely lady from ford phoned me up and after 3 phone calls and a Gorgeous telephone voice I agreed to come and test drive a 1 litre Eco boost feista. Which shocked me as to how much power it had compared to my 1.25. So me being me i walked out after ordering my new fiesta st2 without even test driving one. Risky or not ?
  7. Fiesta Drl's

    im getting the fiesta centura with some 17s on it :) haha cant wait
  8. Fiesta Drl's

    i havent got the car yet but if you got one you wanna sell sounds good to me, do you know if it will viod the manufacturer warrenty if i fit it myself ?
  9. Fiesta Drl's

    awesome they look great could you put a link up of the relay you used and was it easy to install Cheers Nick
  10. Cant Wait For It To Arrive

    yer i have been looking through some of the threads on here and im quite inclined to agree with you,but i do want the zetec S kit on it haha
  11. Cant Wait For It To Arrive

    ah the cool :) thinking of getting some of thos dmb overlays :) and taking the fiesta badge off but havent made my mind up yet
  12. Cant Wait For It To Arrive

    yer thats the beauty :) ive been told its badgeless apart from the ford badge if not i think it probabley will be soon after :)
  13. Cant Wait For It To Arrive

    Hi guys , they only do the centura edition in panther black which was one of the coulers i liked but didnt like it £495 more haha and the delivery date is going to be 29-12-11 my christmas present to myself haha, photos will no doubt be on the day i get it :) Cheers Nick
  14. Cant Wait For It To Arrive

    Hi guys, ive now placed my deposit on abrand new Fiesta Centura Limited Edition i just cantwait now,its got all of the optional extra that i would of put on the zetec as standard (DRLs, DAB, Reversing camera, autolights, auto wipers) and to top it off ihave gone for the 17" Zetec s alloys in black Nick :)
  15. Help... Colour Choice

    yer cheers guys for the help i think ive made up my mind now white it is haha :)