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  1. Resurrecting an old thread.... I need one of these for Carmel's saloon, so quoted the part no at my local dealer. He was astonished to find that it has gone up in the last 6 weeks from £46.00 to.... £114.00 I'll fix the existing loom , then.
  2. 3 years ago my wipers just 'stopped' mid sweep, and wouldn't move. 2 wiper motors, a 2nd hand fusebox/gem and 3 weeks of auto-electric work later, we were no further forward. It too turned out to be water ingress. I was a big £300 & vat for a new one, then the cost of programming. Touch wood, no probs since.
  3. They're all right hand wind to retract. On a mk1 you have to be pushing them inward at the same time as winding them.
  4. If I knew then what I know now, I would've bought a 2nd hand fusebox and the modified elm32 cable. Mine was £320, and a Ford mechanic coded it for me as a favour
  5. Fusebox. Water ingress.
  6. I got o.e. complete arms (FAI, I think) from my local factor around £45 each, and that was much easier than changing either the ball joints or the rear bushes. If it's the rear bushes, then the arms have to come off the car anyway. 1st one took about 35 mins, 2nd one took 15.
  7. Does anyone on here have a tool for the 'butterfly' bushes at the front of the rear control arm/hub carrier arm on a mk2? (mk1 same bush) I don't really want to fork out £140 for something I'll use only once :( my other thought was - buy 1, then sell it on at say £100 on the provision that buyer uses it then sells it on at say £60 and so on
  8. I'm having this exact same problem. I replaced the discs and pads all round when I got the car 2 years ago, but the judder/wobble returns within about 10k miles. I might try the guide pin test but... I also think that there a bit of a 'lip' on the caliper carrier where the pads go. Is it ok to grind it smooth again? I also think that the pads are not coming off the disc all the time
  9. Your symptoms are exactly the same as Carmel's saloon last year. It had been a pig to start for ages, lots of cranking, then would start and cut out a couple of times. I changed the battery, then the starter motor, just to try and start with a strong system, as there was a lot of early starts for work. I was changing the sump and giving it a service one day and clutching at straws (not really consistent with the symptoms) I changed the crank sensor. It fired instantly and has done so ever since!
  10. Crankshaft sensor and/or camshaft sensor? Fixed mine :)
  11. I bought this ebay item 190918422012 basically just remove driver's side lower dash, remove mounting screws and electrical connectors then swap over.
  12. The throttle (inc. potentiometer) is not hard to change, just fiddly! there's loads on ebay, inc brand new ones. I got one for £30.00
  13. Take the glovebox out, and with a torch, you can see it away in the distance, near the bulkhead,imagine somewhere behind the stereo. When I did mine, I changed the pollen filter too. If you're doing this, don't mess about - take the fusebox out completely (make sure you have your radio code!) It's perfect gynaecology practice. And you'll get your arms scratched.
  14. It's almost under the front of the clutch pedal. playing hide & seek with the cat. You have to lie on your back and go in head first from the front, and it'll be just above your face!
  15. I got the clutch and flywheel changed for a single mass flywheel assembly. Since it came back, the cruise control will not "resume" unless I'm touching the accelerator. I changed the crank sensor just in case it had been damaged by the flywheel, but no change. Touching the "resume" button briefly illuminates the green light, but instantly goes out and car is obviously not in cruise control. As an aside - I changed the pollen filter and heater resistor yesterday. The new (2 yrs.) fusebox was showing minor signs of water ingress at the large green connector, so I gave it a clean an slapped some Vaseline in it. Just wondering if the water ingress has affected the cruise control bit of the fusebox/gem :(