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  1. Need A Radio Code

    hi just got the misses a little ka to learn to drive in put a new battery on it but now need a radio code can anyone help of tell mw where i can find it please MAKE IS 6000 CD TUNER RHD SN :M015938
  2. Can Not Get My Front Screen To Demist Need Help

    hi tony yes the vent are set to screen and u can feel the hot air / cold air when set to cold come tho to the screen very stong air flow but screen just wont demist. how can i tell if i have a leak in the heater matrix
  3. Hi I have 1998 r reg galaxy I can't get the front screen to demist with hot or cold air always seem greasey but have tried cleaning screen with all sorts of stuff but not helped I though mite of been air flow to screen so changed pollen filter but still not help. Can anybody help
  4. hi i have a 1998 2l ford galaxy i have just got a towbar for it but cant find a wiring loom diagram can anyone help me plz and also where the towbar bolts onto thanks