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  1. Good morning, As you can see I have not been an active member as yet on this forum, I received a private message from member miqnukikz this morning, details are: Group: Members Posts: 0 Member No.: 5395 Joined: Yesterday, 05:59 AM message came with the title 'Hello' and in the message a link entitled 'please help' - I have not opened the link but when hovering over it, it is hyper-linked to a Russian site. All Please Beware, this may be a virus etc, if you get one of these i would suggest not opening it and reporting it. cheers Steve
  2. hello all, I have a 58 plate 5 door focus style and would like to get an armrest for it. I can see plenty of OEM ones around that have leather rests but I would like to know if you can buy the genuine ford ones. I have looked everywhere I can think of and the best I have come up with is to buy a salvage centre console with armrest, although these are few and far between. Can you buy the armrest on its own ? or will I have to go to ford and spend a fortune ? please help!! Cheers in advance. Steve.