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  1. Hello mate welcome to the forum! lovely example there!
  2. Fuel issues can cause this. Similar issue with a mondeo I know of, when accelerating hard or giving more to go up hill, would go into limp mode... Fuel filter replaced, and now using non supermarket diesel and the issue has gone away.
  3. What have you done to your car performance wise and what sort of figures did you get? I've got a 2.0 tdci and tuning it right now 

  4. Well after a quiet few months, the car has had some exciting upgrades!! Service, MOT and Tax!! Its been a busy few months, and i'm thinking of changing her, to the new ST TDCi Focus. In other news, ive been through 3 air filters... all deformed... anyone have any ideas??
  5. My old 1.8 TDCi Mk1.5 I hit about 116-7 on a trackday. Havent been able to track the mk2.5 yet, so no figures :(
  6. Stoney that must be hard work!! and whats a bit of dog pee between friends lol
  7. ok heres a real one of me... well one where you can actually see my face!
  8. Stoney, it was sort of, That's level 3, I'm trained to level 2 which is access and egress using rope skills, and things like grillons etc, but not ascending and descending ropes. I'm also trained to rescue people from height in harnesses using purpose built rescue kit. I am looking at the level 3 course, which is the full rope access and rope rescue. I have done a bit in the past with a mate who is trained and love it.
  9. ive been called worse!
  10. well if stoney has, then I probably should as well!! here I am...
  11. I had one and loved it. Only time it let me down was when the fuel pump disintegrated. causing lots of damage to injectors etc. That was at 130,000 miles, and the car had a tuning box fitted (pushing it to about 130bhp and 240lb/ft torque) so im not surprised I wore/broke things quicker!
  12. Hello welcome along!
  13. I'll see what I can do...
  14. Ah that's better ;) kph will work better!
  15. I normally use a paperclip... an old trick taught to me for stonechips... works wonders! a small brush on this may be better though! I'll have a look Monday and let you all know how I get on... :S