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  1. Now you’re asking... I’ll have a dig around and see if it’s 3/4... i was worried it may be injectors (or just one) the last thing he needs right now!! Right, I need to get my data recorder back from my mate!! Typically it didn’t do it at all today... I may take it to an independent garage and see what they make of it over a dealer!! Cheers stef
  2. Hello Everyone, Anyone experienced intermittent lumpy idle/hunting on the Mondeo 2.2 TDCi ST?? (or any TDCi for that matter?!?) Driving Dad's car for a bit while he's out of action and apparently its been doing this a while! Will idle fine, even when cold... then all of a sudden revs will fluctuate between 1k and 500 rpm... then everything will settle again. Happens when cold, warm, after long runs... I have a video, that i'll try to link to shortly! Tried fuel cleaners, injector cleaners, Supreme fuels, normal fuels... just about everything... also happened before, and since car came back from the service. Any help you can give would be appreciated!
  3. Upgraded From F5 Map to F6 Map !!!

    Some Awesome Roads around the Island!! from Ventnor to the Needles... being one of them!! what used to be known as the "Military Road" I think...
  4. How do!

    Welcome Along!
  5. my escort/orion

    hello and welcome!