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  1. Photo Location Game

    I feel it needs a revival!
  2. Definitely sounds like your window memory needs resetting. the reset procedure is as described above.
  3. Mk3 remapped! 1.6 TDCI (115ps)

    I've only ever had bad experiences with tuning boxes... personally I'd steer clear, and get a proper custom map on a dyno, or at minimum someone like superchips or mountune generic maps. i know tuning boxes have probably come on a long way recently, but having had ones that are basically a box of cheap resistors, to quite advanced ones that apparently monitor all sorts of stuff, they all ended blowing up high pressure fuel pumps. just my 2p, but I'd be interested to know more about these spider boxes if they are indeed as advanced as they say
  4. Focus footwell lights problem

    There may be an option in software called ELMConfig... you'll need a cable etc to access your cars systems.
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    Welcome along
  6. Newbie from Kidlington

  7. ew member

    Welcome along!
  8. Remove TP from my display!

    I agree with the above!! Jeff beat me to it
  9. Tdcist's Focus Zetec S Tdci

    Cheers guys! still a few things I want to do, I'll get some decent pics up soon!
  10. The link is in my signature, it's another thread and you can download it from there. You'll probably need to be on a computer if your looking at this on your mobile... link copied below for you! There's a guy doing them now on eBay/Amazon. Don't know if the quality matches DMB, as thats where I got all mine from in the early days.
  11. I wrapped my bonnet lip with carbon FIbre 3M film. didn't take too long. Youll need a hairdryer to warm up the adhesive strips, some new sticky pads, and to be gentle so you don't bend the plastic or break the clips it locates with!! There is a guide below in my signature for the bonnet lip...
  12. Tdcist's Focus Zetec S Tdci

    so another little update, The car has been treated to front and rear "S" Badges, one on the upper grille and one on the boot lid by the TDCI Badge. In other exciting news, I binned off the standard filters, and bought a complete 57s kit, with modified airbox lid from K&N. You can hear the turbo when you release the throttle now, and it sounds a bit meatier when driving. I also bought some "S" emblem Lockwood Door Sills, they really finish the car off nicely, they weren't available for the mk2 in "S" guise, and they aren't yet on their website, but much asking got me a set first!! they are an awesome fit and look great. If you want a set, I'm sure they wont mind f you email them direct, and place your order that way
  13. K-Reg Ford Fiesta Freestyle 1.4CVH 04-Reg Ford Focus Edge 1.8TDCi 115 - modified, remap etc 10-Reg Ford Focus Zetec S 1.6 TDCi 110 - body mods only... So far... a rather small small list seeing as I past my test in 2002...
  14. Photo Location Game

    At last someone's found party gear for their car!! onto the next challenge!!
  15. No it can't be that, I have sensors and they are plugged in elsewhere... Never mind, probably find it was a earth and I wouldn't have needed to run my own!!