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  1. Daytime Running Lights

    Well someone should tell Ford as they are in breach of the Department for Transport directive! I have just bought an S Max titanium 2.0dci 162. Registered 31st March 2011. My drl's stay on at night in conjunction with the headlights, they are a lot dimmer when on with headlights as opposed to during the day when they are a lot brighter. You cant turn them off as far as I know! I agree, they look very smart at night and are in no way, shape of form a danger to other road users.
  2. S Max Drive Away Locking

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and new to Ford as I have just purchased my first ever Ford. S Max Titanium 2.0dci (163) 2011reg in panther black. What a lovely machine! In a different class to my previous car (grand scenic). I just have one question, does anyone know if the s max titanium has drive away locking facility? I only ask as my previous car had it and I felt it was a good feature especially with two kids when you pull up at lights or a junction you dont want anyone just to walk up and open the door and be in! I know its not a big deal but I became used to it on my old car and kind of expected it on my s max. Any help on this one would be great. Many thanks in advance. Andy.