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  1. These are the kent microfibres rebranded for asda. Been using them for years with no probs
  2. Mines creeping up at each fillup, with the last one giving a calculated (no mpg computer on the edge) value of 39mpg. Bearing in mind she is an ex courtesy/demo car for Ford and has only just passed the 8000ml mark. In the Panda which is known for being a frugal car I was averaging about 40mpg so pretty happy if I can keep it at 39mpg. If anyones interested you can follow my MPG at: http://www.fuelly.com/driver/tarbyonline/fiesta
  3. Think I only paid 45 for mine tho maybe the dealer discounted them as got them with the car. Can be had on ebay for much less than 70 tho. Hoping the boot mat might help the road noise a bit though the rear trim is coming out in the summer for some insulation to be added.
  4. Normally texaco standard as it seemed to make the last car run better. The techron additive is meant to be one of the best alledgedly. wish i could get tesco 99 as the ethanol in it is meant to be good for cleaning your injector system. Dont use tesco standard though as it made my scooter cut out resulting in having to drain the tank and my fiat also ran very rough on this but this could have been down to the forecourt used and not the petrol. Tesco use a number of suppliers including afaik the rotterdam spot market. They do this to keep the price down as if they tie themselves to a single supplier then they would be free to charge what they want. However the vast majority of their petrol on the mainland is supplied by greenergy afaik (whom tesco own a large number of shares in and also blend the 99 octane). All petrol has to conform to european standards so the only real difference is the additive package. Chances are in your local area it all comes from the same place anyways. at the end of the day there are a finite number of refineries (13 springs to mind but this could just be a random number) witha handful of owners. ASDA used to be BP but not sure if this is still the case. Sainsburys used to be BP and morrisons mainly Texaco but again they all probably use a number of suppliers. However just because they use a certain company to supply them dosnt mean the fuel is the same as on the branded forecourts as additives will probably be different (and they supermarkets are going to buy on price as they often make a loss on petrol anyways) As for the brand on the tanker, i wouldnt read into that much as many of them are run and owned by logistics companies and just carry branding.
  5. I went for the ford rubber ones. Nice and grippy plus they have a raised area around making them into a tray so they keeps any grit etc in the mat and not on the factpry carpet. Will be a good match to the boot liner when i get that as well. Look much better than the ones you see in halfords etc
  6. Hi, just a quick one, as i see you have a mk7, we've recently started a forum dedicated to the mk7.

    We are only just starting off but feel free to have a look/register/post and help build a dedicated mk7 community! Theres allready a few guides and a fair bit of info on there.

    Any info/input you could give would be appreciated!



  7. Thanks for this guide! Have some Nightbreaker H1's, Blue Vision H7's, and Bluevision W5W's on order. Hope you get the car sorted OK!
  8. Sorry, wrong thread