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  1. Hi, If you do have any issues with your insurance then please feel free to drop me a line. I'd be only too pleased to try and help. Regards, Dan.
  2. Ok. No worries. Thanks for giving us a try though. Hope you manage to find something acceptable. Regards, Dan.
  3. Have you tried us for insurance yet? If you wanted to PM me I'd be happy to arrange a quotation for you. Kind Regards Dan
  4. Hi, Please feel free to give us a try for insurance if you like. Whilst we have registration number data base we can also input vehicles manually so we should be able to accommodate you. Regards, Dan.
  5. Hi everyone, If you've owned your car long enough, it becomes more than just a car, but rather an extension of the family, a faithful steed or an old friend. Here we look at motorists who have owned the same car for 30 / 40 / 50 years. Do you have you own Forever Car? Let us know what you think!
  6. Hi, If you need any help with insurance at at for any of the modifications then please feel free to drop me a line. Regards, Dan.
  7. Hi Guys, Check out the latest edition of Influx. This time we reflect on one of Dagenham's finest, the Capri. Let us know what you think!
  8. Hi, Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems, if you could PM me your details I'd be happy to look into this for you. Kind Regards Dan
  9. Hi, Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems, if you wanted to PM me I'd be happy to look into this for you. Insurance is based on risk, and over the past 25 years we and the insurers we work with have been collecting data to build the schemes we use. Statistically, lower value cars are involved in more claims, so therefore carry higher premiums. Much of this is low value claims caused by bumps in car parks, opening car doors into other vehicles etc. This is in no way directed towards you or your driving but as at the start of a policy no-one can unequivocally say that they will not have an accident, we can only rely on the statistics. Kind Regards Dan
  10. COME AND HELP US GET THE SHOW SEASON STARTED IN STYLE! Adrian Flux has teamed up with some local car clubs and our friends at the Adrian Flux Arena (Norfolk Arena) to bring you an evening of automotive fun. This is our first time hosting such an event, being a specialist and modified vehicle insurer we want to meet you all and see what the scene is all about (you don't need to be an Adrian Flux customer to attend). This is a free event!! All makes and models are welcome, whether you own a sports car, modified hatchback or mud plugging 4x4, come along and show off your pride and joy. Although this is a static car meet there will be a Live DJ, Burger Van, Photographers and stalls where clubs can display their merchandise. And don't worry, there are also toilets on site. There will also be prizes on the night, presented by the Fluxbabes, who will be walking around choosing their favorite vehicles. Make sure you stop to get a picture with them! Categories will be announced closer to the event. If you are part of a car club and wish to attend let us know and we can arrange space so you can all park together. If you are a photographer or videographer then please let us know you will be attending so we can assist in drawing awareness towards your pages. Any traders wishing to attend to sell merch/stickers etc are welcome, just get in touch with us prior to the event. SO GET POLISHING AND LET'S MAKE THIS A NIGHT TO REMEMBER! Meet will run from 7pm to 11pm. Norfolk Arena, Saddlebow Road, King's Lynn PE34 3AG. Disclaimer: Adrian Flux are not liable or responsible for your actions or any damages/injury or issues otherwise attached to anything you do as an individual. We are also not responsible for the security of your car whilst it is in or outside of the meet area. By attending our meet you are agreeing to this from the moment you arrive and leave to return home.
  11. Hi, Anything that is non standard or different from the vehicle's original specification from when it left the factory would count as a modification. We would always advise that you declare any mods to your insurer. Kind Regards Dan
  12. Hi, If you wish to discuss this please feel free to drop me a PM. Kind Regards Dan
  13. We would always recommend informing your insurer of any and all changes you make to your vehicle. If you need help regarding modified insurance we have access to several specialist schemes that allow you to add unlimited 'cosmetic' (ie. does not directly affect the bhp) mods for free. Kind Regards Dan
  14. Hi, If you find you have any issues with insurance for modifications then please feel free ti drop me a line. Regards, Dan.
  15. Hi and welcome. When your insurance is due for renewal please feel free to give us a try. Regards, Dan.