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  1. Mk2.5 to mk2 rear lights

    so let me get this right - you want to go from the 2.5 lights to the 2? i know others have gone from 2 to 2.5 (look on the focus st owners forum) so i'd say its possible - just reverse the process. i
  2. 1.6 tdci DPF delete.... Decisions.... Please help

    just make sure you check the company out - look for reviews on them. if they are good then you will find lots of reviews. if the power is increased it will probably place stress on your clutch for the extra torque and at 75k it probably will need replacing soon. hopefully others on here will advise son.
  3. Build thread and modifiactions and ideas?? :)

    car looks good matey. keep an eye out on ebay or try breakers yards for the switches. i think you need to lower it ;-)
  4. Throttle Body Clean

    Hi Rich i'd get the fault codes read first to see if anything shows up. if you have a smart phone then you can purchase a bluetooth obd2 reader off ebay for a few quid and use the torque app or purchase a handheld obd2 reader for a several quid. has the car been recently serviced? I'm thinking off possible air in the fuel lines when the fuel filter was changed.

    is there not a red phone button you can press? i think the stereo thinks it is on a call hence the phone message. If the car is not running then it will allow the stereo to be used for 1 hr to save the battery from draining completely.
  6. Zetec-S change springs to soften ride

    i think you will probably just get away with changing just the springs - i think the zetec s and st ones are firmer and a bit shorter than standard.
  7. 2012 zetec s dual exhaust?

    just remember to post the pics up once its been fitted 
  8. 2012 zetec s dual exhaust?

    Tom any decent exhaust place should be able to fit a new rear box with twin outlets that fit your requirements. You should be able to buy off the shelf ones or get a custom one made.   
  9. Yo Lenny

    I sent you an email the other day hasnt gone into your spam folder has it as I've not had any response frm you :sad:


  10. Tyres

    Hi John 195/55/15 will be fine. not sure if you can go to 18's without any rubbing issues as i have a mk2.
  11. Zetec S Exhaust Trim

    check the sizes compared to the gap on your diffuser and choose what you want
  12. if it is a contractor then get onto the cops saying that Bidvest have identified the culprit and get them to sort it out. can you not legally request the culprits details via Freedom of Information Act as his car has hit yours and they have just confirmed it?
  13. Zetec S Exhaust Trim

    Hi Andrew look at custom chrome racing website as they have a lot of different trims that you may like the look of.
  14. I'd visit the premises where the focus came out of to see if it is there again and get the cars reg and go back to the cops.
  15. Replacement Turbo, Louder-Quicker

    there's lots of companies that do repairs to turbo's but it is a bit hit n miss. i know a company who have used a few different companies with varying results and so far they havent found one company that they can recommend...says it all really. its pot luck mate. please use a brand name that you recognise or can do some research on for reviews. edit - try these guys who offer 24 months warranty on exhange or 12 months on repairs