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  1. help

    Play around with your job title as this could increase the premiums I'm a Civil Servant working in IT, if i choose IT my premium will be different to that of a Civvie so try it. another thing i noticed was that if my car was on the drive (parked at night) it would make no difference to it being parked in a garage but the car had to be put away by 10pm so i told them its on the drive. Fully Comp is always better for some reason. Once you have a good quote ring the company to see if they can offer you a better deal - sometimes they can. I know Admiral did with me and thats with mods declared! DO NOT get a black box - see this weeks Watchdog for people falling foul of these boxes - insurances companies will look for a way out of paying up and will use the stats to get out - my wife worked in this industry..... Different comparison websites will offer different premiums from the same companies too so its worthwhile re-entering the info over and over again! good luck and as above, cashback websites are a must!
  2. is now in the hands of a new owner and i am waiting for my new vehicle to be completed....more on that later Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  3. If the mapper is good then ask him not to max it out and you'll be fine 👍 Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  4. Dee check my car thread. I installed a Samsung media player and used the Torque app. I also happen to have a DAB 6 disc changer head unit up for grabs if your interested... Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. well done fella. that is one nice mod that you made
  6. Lenny, I dont see how the downlight covers fit over the lights you have posted due to the horizontal shape of the green bit? Keep up the awesome work man
  7. Lenny what are you replacing them with?
  8. Hi James do not have the code for the loom but i know it is bloomin expensive. i think i saw one (one loom not both) on ebay for £50! you are in luck - a quick search on another website got me this - Finis 1520746
  9. @ Jammy - £200! looks like you have an apt username!!! Go onto the Ford ETIS website and type in your reg and this will tell you info about your car. Either way you can add front and rear ST bumpers to it to make it look better. Mods wise it is down to your budget and how far you want to go. With regards to the power issue - if you have a smart phone then download the Torque app and get yourself a bluetooth obd2 adapter off ebay (£5) and run the scan to tell you what fault codes are coming up.
  10. you doing the whole house up then? that floor came up good but it must have took some serious dedication and graft to get it that good so hats off to you Lenny is the living room finished off?
  11. looking good Lenny
  12. keep up the good work Lenny Question - what type of tv bracket are you going to be using? Only reason I ask is that I used a nice flat/slim one for my kids tv and when it came to changing/removing cables when their xbox packed up it had to take the tv off the wall just to remove the cables which was a pig of a job. I have a nice tilt bracket for the tv in my bedroom which allows you to pull the tv forward by nearly 1 foot so access to cables is easier. do not use on like this: use one like this
  13. you can fit the aftermarket ones by simply cutting off the bit shown in the pic. place the mudflaps in place and mark where it overlaps the trim on your car. remove trim and cut off the trim. refit trim and fit mudflaps. i fitted some universal ones on my car similar to those i the link buy something similar and it will do the job. even these ones will work
  14. check your earth leads are all nice and tight. any earthing issues can cause mayhem.
  15. when i replaced mine it cost about £20 but the front one was about £90 at the time and didnt have a leak so i left it. definately use good branded clips when replacing them. too many poorly made ones that snap if overtightened a little....