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  1. Hi, just a quick one, as i see you have a mk7, we've recently started a forum dedicated to the mk7.

    We are only just starting off but feel free to have a look/register/post and help build a dedicated mk7 community! Theres allready a few guides and a fair bit of info on there.

    Any info/input you could give would be appreciated!


  2. Quick issue that I'm having with my fiesta. I first used my iphone 3g with just the official apple usb cable and it seemed to work fine. Music was playing and I was able to browse through playlists, artists etc at the same time. I synced my iphone with my laptop and since then, I cant seem to do the same thing again. When I connect, whichever playlist was playing last on the iphone itself plays on the car stereo. I can skip tracks but cant access playlists, artists etc. Just to add, my car has the Ford CD player, not the Sony one.